2010 Fantasy Football Awards: From The Steals to The Busts

Shaun McPartlinCorrespondent IIIJanuary 8, 2011

2010 Fantasy Football Awards: From The Steals to The Busts

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    Does Vick Deserve Top Honors?Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

    It is time to reward those players who helped us achieve fantasy greatness.  Who immortalized us for all eternity as 2010 Fantasy Football Champions.  It is also time to express our disgust with those players who plagued us with their pathetic performances week in and week out.

    I cordially invite you to my 2010 Fantasy Football Award Ceremony.  Categories include, Fantasy MVP, Biggest Bust, Waiver Wire Steal, 2011 Break Out Candidate, and of course rewarding those players who stood out at their respective position.

    Let's get this show on the road.

Top QB Honors

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    Yes Brady celebrate, you were the top fantasy QB in 2010Elsa/Getty Images

    As the NFL transcends into a pass-first league, fantasy QBs grow in importance.  Having a steady, match up-proof signal caller only increases your chances of reaching the fantasy promised land.  Who was the QB who brought fantasy teams to the next level?

    Tom Brady.

    Most would say Michael Vick deserves this honor.  I disagree.  No one was as consistent as Tom Brady this year.  The man lost Randy Moss, the greatest deep threat the NFL has seen, and he still produced at an unbelievable level.  

    Let's begin by saying that he hasn't thrown an interception since Week 6.  No, you read correctly.  Week 6.  That is a feat that nearly unfathomable.  Compare this to the "elite" Drew Brees, who threw a career-high 22 interceptions this year.  Who would you rather have?

    If that stat is not enough to sell you, how about these?  Brady had three games where he threw three touchdowns and two where he threw four.  He also eclipsed 300 yards four times and in Week 16—championship week in most fantasy leagues, Brady scored 24 fantasy points.  Talk about clutch.

    Brady is on the verge of playing for another Super Bowl title and he probably already led fantasy owners to theirs.

Top RB Honors

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    Arian Foster, you're a bad manJim McIsaac/Getty Images

    Having a reliable running back allows you to rest easy going into each week.  Which back this year allowed owners to sleep easy at night?

    Arian Foster.

    Foster outproduced the second-best fantasy running back this year by nearly 100 points.  Case in point.

    Going into this year, he was a sleeper on nearly everyone's board and man, did he exceed expectations.

    Never before has a running back bust onto the scene in the way Foster did this season.  I think everyone know what I am referring to. In case it slipped your mind, let me remind you. 

    Against the Indianapolis Colts, Arian Foster carried the ball 33 times for 231 yards and three touchdowns. I get a little choked up reading that because of the utter joy it brings me. 

    We all know Adrian Peterson had his 296 yard, three-touchdown game back in 2007, but should I remind you how he followed that game up? He totaled 45 yards and touched the ball 11 times.

    How did Foster do after his massive game? 138 total yards.

    Consistency.  That is what made Foster owners salivate each week.  He produced on a weekly basis. 

    That, my friends, is why he deserves the top RB award.

Top WR Honors

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    You show those pearly whites RoddyScott Halleran/Getty Images

    Now top WR does not have a clear cut winner.  Do we put more wait on touchdowns, consistent performance, yardage total, or a combination of all?  You have to go with the combo platter on this one.

    For that reason, the award goes to Roddy White.

    White put on a show each week.  He started out hot and kept it going throughout the season.  You could put White in each week and know he would produce for you.  That is what it takes to be the top fantasy wide-out in the NFL.

    Roddy is Matt Ryan's favorite target.  This gives White owners confidence knowing that Ryan is going to be looking Roddy's way each week.  He is a guy you can put in your line up each week and know that he will get enough looks to be fantasy-relevant. 

    Also in consideration for this award were Greg Jennings, Calvin Johnson, Dwayne Bowe and Brandon Lloyd.  Each had phenomenal seasons, but each came with a little bit of baggage.

    Jennings started out slow and continued to give owners the sour taste in their mouth that they had from his 2009 campaign.

    Johnson is a complete freak and proved he could produce with Betty White, I mean Drew Stanton, throwing him the football.  But there were still some weeks when Megatron disappeared.

    Bowe had one of the greatest stretches in the history of the NFL when he brought in 13 TDs in six weeks, but he still put up one too many goose eggs.

    Brandon Lloyd burst on the scene and was a waiver-wire steal, but as Orton began his yearly end of the season slide, Lloyd was the most affected.

    That is why Roddy White gets the nod over these other elite wide-outs.  He produced consistently and gave owners a sense of confidence that regardless of who was on him, he would find a way to come up big.

Top TE Honors

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    Who said I couldn't find the end zone? Was it you?Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

    The tight end position this year was a complete mess.  Dallas Clark went down with a season-ending injury and Antonio Gates was nowhere to be found during most teams' championship runs. Which tight end proved to be more than just a safety net this season?

    Jason Witten.

    Witten is known for his chemistry with Tony Romo, so you would figure when Romo went down, Witten would be rendered useless.  Not so fast there.

    Witten had one of his best statistical seasons with Jon Kitna under center.  Yes Jon Kitna.  The Cowboys might have been the biggest disappointment of the year, but Witten really show cased his skills.

    Witten finished the year on a tear, tallying up six TDs.  This came as a surprise since he is usually criticized for his inability to find the end zone.  

    Other tight ends burst on the scene this year as well showing just how deep this position is.  Mercedes Lewis, Rob Gronkowski, and Brandon Pettigrew showed that they can be a force to be reckoned with.

    Top tight ends on your roster can play huge dividends.  Just ask Witten owners this season.

Waiver Wire Steal

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    You make it look to easy my friend. Way too easyJim McIsaac/Getty Images

    We all know championship teams are never drafted, but are carefully orchestrated with stealthy waiver wire pick ups.  

    Prepare as much as you want for the draft, but count how many players you draft end up on your roster at the end of the season.  Really it is a shocking number.

    This leads us to our biggest waiver wile steal of the year.  This, hands down, goes to Michael Vick.

    The man goes from public enemy to possible MVP.  Talk about a turn around.

    When Kolb went down in the first game of the year, Vick was ready to go and didn't take long to show what we have been missing.  As soon as Vick started to dart across the field, fantasy owners darted to their waiver wires.  

    Nearly all fantasy teams that won the championship did it because of this man.  Calling him a steal is an understatement.  The man is a fantasy football savior. 

Biggest Fantasy Bust

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    I know Randy, you feel bad if we wasted a pick on youJamie Squire/Getty Images

    So who put a little bit of salt in the wound this year?  Was it Brandon Marshall or Steve Smith?  I'm sorry those are guys who burned me this year. Could it have been Beanie Wells or Pierre Thomas? I think there is someone I am forgetting to mention.  Oh yeah now I remember.

    Biggest bust of 2010 was Randy Moss.

    Randy was drafted in the first round of quite a few leagues and figured to put up his usual fantastic numbers.  He had Tom Brady throwing him the ball and we can't forget when these two connected for 23 touchdowns.

    Surely the two could do it again, right?


    Moss went from one bad situation to the next and in the end found himself riding the pine with the Tennessee Titans.  The biggest story this year for Moss was who had more gray in their beard, him or Brett Favre.

    If you drafted Moss, I, from the bottom of my heart, feel for you.

2011 Break Out Candidate

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    Charles is so good, he told the Rams he would play without a helmetDilip Vishwanat/Getty Images

    This player is someone who I feel should be the man you target going into your draft in 2011. If he is on your roster, you can sit pretty and ride him to the championship. 

    Jamaal Charles is that guy.  

    Charles found himself in stuck in a rocky situation.  The Chiefs just brought in Thomas Jones who was coming off a 1,400 yard year with the Jets.  That right there put fantasy owners in a tizzy.  Do I draft a man with my second overall choice who will be sharing carries? Well Charles helped you put that fear aside.

    Charles proved this year to be a special player.  He nearly tied the record for YPC at 6.38, but missed it by a measly two hundredths of a yard.  Give the man a break and round up the number.

    He can catch the ball, has breathtaking speed, and has shown that he deserves to be the head horse in the Chiefs stables.

    The Chiefs also have a run-first offense.

    Jamaal signed that mega extension for a reason.  He is the best the Chiefs have and they know it.

    Draft him now and thank me later.

Thank You For Attending

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    Maybe next year a fantasy football champion can meet the PresidentChip Somodevilla/Getty Images

    We must give credit to those fantasy football studs who carried us to a years worth of bragging rights.  

    So from all of us fantasy football junkies, I say thank you.