Dear Nation: Keep your heads up

greg pitschSenior Analyst ISeptember 11, 2008

In the Broncos effort to dismantle the Oakland Raiders Monday night, not many people would want to go back and watch that game again. I took another four dreadful hours watching that game again. I almost need to be wearing a blindfold, it was pretty ugly. But the reason I watched it a second time, was to see if there were any positives in this game.



The first thing to note was that JaMarcus Russell actually played a good game, and had he made a couple of more plays, or had some receivers made a few more catches, we are looking at a great game from Russell. All we want out of our QB this season, is for him to manage the game and make plays when possible. He didn't have many chances to make plays, and when he did, he would have a dropped ball, or the line would break and he would be running for his life.



The next thing that became apparent was that Darren McFadden only touched the ball a total of ten times, if I counted correctly, 9 rushes and one reception. I do not have a copy of the gameplan, but I think we would all like to see DMC have a few more touches. Fargas had a decent night, and Bush was a no show.



The wide receivers that we have in Oakland shouldn't be that admissable. I mean how do you expect to build a young QB's confidence, when everyone is not running full routes, and or dropping balls. There was a deep ball over the middle that would have left Ronald Curry on a foot race to the end zone, but he dove and came up short on the grab. I was impressed by the two catches by Chaz Schilens. His two were big catches, and tough catches. I would like to see Chaz utilized mor in this offense, because I think he is the one receiver that we have who is ready to give himself up for any ball in the air.


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