NFL Draft: Alabama Receiver Julio Jones Is a Better Pick Than A.J. Green

James Evens@JamesEvensCorrespondent IJanuary 7, 2011

NFL Draft: Alabama Receiver Julio Jones Is a Better Pick Than A.J. Green

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    Now that Andrew Luck is officially out of the No. 1 draft pick spot, many people have been eying Georgia receiver A.J. Green to be the pick that Carolina makes.

    To me that is a bad decision, as there is a better receiver on the board.

    Here are a few reasons why Alabama's Julio Jones should be taken over Green.

Julio Jones Played a Full Season

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    Jones had 1,133 yards this season while playing for the Crimson Tide. Along with the yardage, he caught seven touchdown passes. 

    He played a complete season and is a great choice at wide receiver.

He Was Not the Feature in the Offense

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    Unlike A.J. Green, Julio Jones was not the center of the Alabama offense this season. He was a second-tier option to the explosive running game that includes Mark Ingram and Trent Richardson.  

    This is a great mark, as it shows that he is a team player and doesn't need the spotlight.

He Can Block

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    Since Jones was in a running offense, it's presumed that he is a great run blocker, and he is. Jones had some terrific blocks this season, which should be a big draw to the NFL market.  

    Blocking is one of the most overlooked roles of the wide-receiver position, but rest assured, most NFL teams do not take it for granted.


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    Jones is a very powerful receiver that has an ability to knock around defensive backs if he needs to. Although he is powerful, he isn't too powerful to stop the fines that is needed for a wide-reciever. 


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    When Jones gets into the open field, it is good-bye.

    The opposing defense might as well stop, to prevent further cardiovascular damage caused by chasing after a ghost. Jones is a ghost, because he disappears in the open field. 

221-Yard Game

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    Against Tennessee, Jones had 221 receiving yards and no touchdowns. Most receivers would be upset that he wasn't given the opportunity to score, but not Jones. 

    He knows his role and will do what needs to be done to win.

He Will Be a Star and Not Cause Problems

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    Jones is destined to be a star, and will not cause any issues. He already plays under Nick Saban, who is a tough-nosed coach. If a receiver can get along with Saban, he can get along with anyone.

    If Jones comes out, he should be taken as the top receiver in the draft.