Who's Your Fantasy Kryptonite?

Chris NorrisContributor ISeptember 11, 2008

Almost every sports fan in this country has played or currently plays some form of fantasy sports and most of those people are familiar with this term. Maybe "fantasy kryptonite" isn't the exact verbiage you use, but you still recognize that definition. Fantasy kryptonite is a player that has let you down before and yet you continue to only see the good in them. This player has broken your heart and even cost you your league championship, and yet one year later, there you are drafting him once again. This is the guy that has you convinced, for whatever reason, that he is going to break out this year and become the star that you expected for the last 3 seasons. You are adamant about the idea that even though the least few years were failures, THIS IS THE YEAR!

There isn't a fantasy player alive that doesn't have a fantasy kryptonite and I am certainly no exception to the rule. For fantasy baseball, my fantasy kryptonite has always been Jeff Francoeur. Ever since he came up as a raw 21 year old talent and graced the cover of Sports Illustrated with the headline, "The Natural", I have been hooked on Frenchy. The last 2 seasons I drafted him much earlier than I should have, only to be disappointed and yet when the 2008 draft rolled around there I was again going out of my way to draft the man that has brought me nothing but heartache. This was the year I knew he was going to hit .285 with 35 HRs and 125 RBIs and with 2 weeks left in the year this is his stat line: .234 11 HRs 65 RBIs and one trip to the minors....oops!

In fantasy football I have my weaknesses as well and those players have hurt him almost as much as Francoeur. I have owned Lee Evans every year up until this year. Waiting for him to blossom into an elite wide receiver has been like waiting for Zach Braff's career to take off....neither one looks promising anymore. Evans has the speed and the abilities to be a great WR, but has never had a quarterback and there is this filter in my brain that doesn't allow me to figure that out come draft day.

Some people's fantasy kryptonite is their hometown players, while others find a historically good team and focus on what they did years ago verse what they have been doing (the St. Louis Rams come to mind). Whatever your reason may be, I encourage you to face reality and admit your fantasy kryptonite because if there is one thing I can promise you it's that you are definitely not alone.