Philadelphia Eagles Redemption Tour Unlikely To Last Long in Playoffs

WesAnalyst IJanuary 6, 2011

Things will not end the way Vick or Eagles fan want.
Things will not end the way Vick or Eagles fan want.Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

How often did you play sports with a little brat who had more excuses after a loss than an Eli Manning apologist?

Everything and everyone else was to blame for their failure because accountability was a word not found in their dictionary.

If they only had one more chance, they would surely get things right.

Too bad a do-over doesn’t come around often in sports. You are usually stuck with the result unless you are lucky enough to get a shot at redemption.

After the Eagles found out their first two playoff opponents would be Green Bay and Chicago, everyone called it the “Redemption Tour,” or some other intolerable title that ESPN would pump out.

On Sunday afternoon, the tour gets underway and the Eagles get a chance to erase the memories of their final two losses at home with a win against the Green Bay Packers on Wild Card Weekend.

But even more importantly, they have a rare opportunity to avenge an earlier loss to the Packers, which occurred at Lincoln Financial Field.

The game marked the opening of the 2010-11 season and the date was September 12. 

Michael Vick started the game on the bench and by the time he entered the game the Eagles trailed 13-3. On Vick’s third play from scrimmage Eldra Buckley put the ball on the ground and the Packers eventually went up 20-3. 

Vick and the Eagles rallied, but eventually lost 27-20. 

The loss prompted Vick to say, “I feel like if I had been out there for four quarters, maybe we would’ve had a chance to win the game.”

I’m not going to call Vick a little brat or put him on the same level as an Eli Manning apologist, but he tossed an excuse out there and basically asked for one more chance.

Well, the chance is here.

It’s too bad that the shot at redemption doesn’t put the Eagles in a scenario that makes fans feel more confident.

Since the NFL/AFL merger in 1970, there have been 131 occurrences, excluding the Super Bowl, where non-divisional teams have played each other twice in the same season.

To clarify, the only way non-divisional teams can play each other twice is by playing once in the regular season and once in the postseason.

Of those 131 games, 75 have taken place at the same venue. With Philadelphia hosting non-divisional Green Bay at Lincoln Financial Field again, they fall into the scenario so far.

This is where Vick and the Eagles should consider themselves incredibly fortunate, or at least that’s what one would think.

It hasn’t exactly gone incredibly well for the host.

When the home team lost the initial meeting they have only been given a shot at redemption 14 times. Of those 14 teams, nine avoided the sweep, which means five road teams finished the job.

That puts the Eagles on the right side of the stat, so why should we put the “Redemption Tour” on hold?

Because the Eagles would be up against an alarming stat if they face Chicago.

Since the AFL/NFL merger there have been 57 situations where a home team won the first game between non-divisional opponents and then faced that same team again in the playoffs.

The Eagles fall into that scenario since they played non-divisional Chicago earlier in the year, lost, and would have to travel back to the site of the loss for a playoff game.

Of those 57 scenarios, the home team completed the sweep 43 times. That would put the Bears in a 43-14 scenario.

To complete the tour, Eagles fans are calling for Vick to go back into Atlanta and win the NFC Championship at his former home.

Too bad Atlanta would have redemption on their side as well.

When a non-divisional team goes on the road earlier in the year and loses, which is what Atlanta did when they came to the Lincoln Financial Field and lost, they have achieved revenge in 18 of the 25 opportunities when playing at home.

Hopefully at the end of this postseason the fans, players and coaches don’t offer up excuses and simply come to the realization that the Eagles aren't good.


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