Titans Owner Bud Adams Cedes Control Of Team To Jeff Fisher

Dwight PalmerContributor IJanuary 6, 2011

INDIANAPOLIS - JANUARY 02: Jeff Fisher the Head Coach of the Tennessee Titans watches play during NFL game against the Indianapolis Colts at Lucas Oil Stadium on January 2, 2011 in Indianapolis, Indiana.  (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)
Andy Lyons/Getty Images

The decision on Young/Fisher has been made. Bud Adams has chosen a losing coach over a winning quarterback.

Has anyone wondered why Vince Young had so many supporters in his struggles with Coach Jeff Fisher? We didn't find that kind of national empathy for Terrell Owens, JaMarcus Russell, Randy Moss, Albert Haynesworth and certainly not Michael Vick.

The answer finally came to me why we feel for Young: All the other athletes named were "problem children."

In the case of Young vs. Fisher, Young was in a political battle that he was ill-equipped to handle; Fisher was without a doubt the bully in this situation.

Fisher has coached for 17 seasons with the same team. During that long tenure, he has made friends with sports writers, other coaches and former players.  

Bud Adams has become an absentee owner who lives in Houston while his team is in Nashville. Fisher has become used to not having the same direct supervision that Bum Phillips or Jerry Glanville endured.

This entrenched position led Fisher to feel entitled. Indeed, he has one of the lowest winning percentages of any coach with the same number of games coached.  

Both of the aforementioned coaches, Phillips and Glanville, had a much higher win percentage than Fisher and were both fired after consecutive playoff seasons.

Now with that background in mind, when Mr. Adams ordered Vince Young to be taken in the 2006 draft, Fisher felt violated.

It was fairly obvious even during the following season that Fisher determined that he was going to discredit Adams' choice. I mean, who did Adams think he was to dictate to Fisher?

Coach Fisher began a campaign to discredit VY. He publicized a bogus suicide watch, made a public show of his contempt and proceeded with a vicious whispering attack behind VY's back.  

This whispering attack was fueled by his media friends, none of whom ever questioned Fisher's assessment. After all, they knew and respected him, I'm sure they thought he was sincere, but nobody that I was aware of talked to VY.

Fisher slowly recruited his network of sycophants and poisoned the waters. Through benching and confusing cuts, he intimidated the current players, most were too afraid of consequences to speak out. 

According to the wife of a former Fisher associate, he is a known back-biter. 


Then Bud Adams made the ultimate mistake of asking others for advice. This was like allowing friends to give ideas on how to run your marriage.  

Nobody knows enough about your relationship to give good advice. In this case, he got politically correct suggestions.  

Coach Fisher has proved himself to be a master of manipulation behind the scenes; too bad it does not translate to the football field. In the end, Fisher manipulated Bud Adams into acting on politics as opposed to Fisher's insubordination and mediocre record.

Effectively, Fisher runs the Titans now. Unfortunately for Mr. Adams, unless he lives to be 100, he most likely got rid of his best chance to win a Super Bowl in his lifetime.