Super Bowl XLV: Top 5 Reasons to Root for a New England-Philadelphia Super Bowl

John Rozum@Rozum27Correspondent IJanuary 6, 2011

Super Bowl XLV: Top 5 Reasons to Root for a New England-Philadelphia Super Bowl

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    JACKSONVILLE, FL - FEBRUARY 06:  Hank Fraley #63 of the Philadelphia Eagles prepares to snap against the New England Patriots in the fourth quarter of Super Bowl XXXIX at Alltel Stadium on February 6, 2005 in Jacksonville, Florida.  (Photo by Brian Bahr/G
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    When Super Bowl XLV kicks off on Sunday Feb. 6, 2011, it will be six years exactly from when the Patriots and the Eagles duked it out for Super Bowl XXXIX.

    Maybe that's an omen for these to organizations to face-off again, but I doubt it.

    To begin, New England and Philadelphia were my Super Bowl picks last season (prior to the 2009 season kicking off), so I guess I jumped-the-gun and was one year too early.

    The Eagles are now fully rested after sitting out Week 17 vs. Dallas and have a potential NFL MVP in Michael Vick.

    Their young talent and speed are second to none, which bodes well late in the season and late in games.

    The Patriots are playing their best football right now (as they usually do at this time of year), and if they win the Super Bowl this year, the only debate would be which Patriot team is better than the other.

    Then, in addition to potential NFL MVP Thomas Brady, Vincent Wilfork is a potential candidate for NFL Defensive Player of the Year.

    So put the pads on and strap up the chinstrap, because a potential Super Bowl rivalry is brewing.

    (Whistle) And "The Duke" is kicked-off... Time to bust the wedge! 

5. Tom Brady

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    So are there still any Patriots fans left that say Drew Bledsoe is better than Tom Brady?

    If so, then they need to realize that 1996 has been over since, well 1996.

    For me, the second-best Super Bowl QB of all time only to Joe Montana.

    A two-time Super Bowl MVP, and a three time champion with an undefeated season to boot.

    And although the Pats missed the playoffs after the 2008 season despite finishing 11-5, Tom Brady was out for the year.

    Therefore, the Pats technically haven't missed the playoffs with Brady at the helm since the 2002 season.

    And with the weapons he has now (all of whom are 5' 9" or shorter—Woodhead, Branch and Welker), Brady is having arguably his best season ever.  

4. Deion Branch

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    If the Eagles and Pats meet up in Super Bowl XLV, I want some Independence Day promotional reruns.

    But replace Randy Quaid (who claimed he was abducted by Aliens) with Deion Branch and have him yelling to the Eagles, "Hello, boys, I'm Baaaack!"

    And for those that don't know, Deion won the Super Bowl XXXIX MVP award against Philadelphia with 11 catches for 127 yards.

    So as someone who is a fan of the NFL, its nice to see a player who is playing where he belongs.

    While in Seattle, Branch was effective (when he played). Most of the time battling injuries; but in getting back with the Pats, he seems rejuvenated and has revived his career.

3. Asante Samuel

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    Just think, if Philly and New England have a Super Bowl rematch, Asante could really stir things up.

    First off, when the captains meet at midfield for the coin toss, it would be pretty awesome to see Asante Samuel on both sides of the coin. 

    And don't lie because you know that would be awesome (a.k.a. best Super Bowl coin ever).

    One side could have him in a Patriots uniform, and the other in an Eagles uniform.

    As for his days with the Pats, three Super Bowl appearances winning two of them. Not to mention his rookie and sophomore years were when New England went back-to-back.

    Then beginning in 2008, Asante became a member of the Eagles who now have made three consecutive playoff appearances.

    Philadelphia's success, much attributed to Michael Vick and the offense, has overlooked Asante Samuel and the defense.

    Mr. Samuel, Philly's lone 2010 defensive Pro Bowler had only started 10 games this season and appeared in 11. So how did he get a Pro Bowl selection? Try SEVEN picks with 14 pass deflects and 26 tackles.

    So if there's a Super Bowl rematch, Tom Brady has his hands full.

2. Michael Vick

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    Arguably the sports story of 2010, and potentially 2011 if Philly runs the table.

    His first Pro Bowl appearance since 2005, and a potential 2010 NFL MVP candidate, Michael Vick now has a chance to stand atop the football world.

    And I know he has not won everyone over yet (myself included for his previous off-the-field problems); but on the field, Vick is unlike anything football fans have ever seen.

    His speed, quickness, elusiveness and ridiculous arm strength (even after being out of football for over two years) is vehemently breath taking.

    We all agree that he's a freak athlete, but his humbleness in knowing that life off the field is bigger than football is what makes him even more dangerous on the field.

    He knows that he has nothing to lose and everything to gain, and as Cris Carter once said ,"Every good man I know been through somethin'."

    Well, Michael Vick you're on your way, and keep it rolling so we can have a Super Bowl rematch. 

1. A Rematch

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    You had to see this slide coming.

    And as great as the other reasons are, rematches are always fun to watch; Especially in the Super Bowl.

    As for either team, the Patriots have only five starters from the 2004 season (Tom Brady, Matt Light, Dan Koppen, Deion Branch and Vincent Wilfork) while the Eagles have kicker David Akers.

    So Philadelphia is completely revamped on offense and defense, while New England has a 10 newcomers for Vincent Wilfork on D and seven on the O.

    So its really not a rematch from Philadelphia's standpoint except for head coach Andy Reid and owner Jeffrey Lurie.

    As for New England, you know Bill Belichick will probably be looking at film from Super Bowl XXXIX; plus from the perspective of both cities and fans, it is definitely a rematch.

    Why? Because Philly fans can't forget the Super Bowl loss, while New England fans look back at the 2004 season and see that team ranked the No. 9 greatest team in Super Bowl history (and then compare them).

    Not to mention you may have the two players with the most NFL MVP votes in Mike Vick and Tom Brady duking it out.

    That my friends, is literally a Super Bowl.


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