Pro Bowl Rosters: Which Washington Redskins Got Snubbed?

Brandon KeenerCorrespondent IJanuary 5, 2011

Pro Bowl Rosters: Which Washington Redskins Got Snubbed?

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    So the Pro Bowl roster has been announced, and yet there is another year of a couple Redskins clearly getting snubbed because they are being looked past due to the team's bad performance.

    In this little slideshow, I intend to show which Redskins deserve to be going to the Pro Bowl this year, even if it is before the Super Bowl, instead of the ones who have been chosen to perform.

    I look forward to the comments on this article.


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    According to the roster on, the three quarterbacks for the NFC are Michael Vick, Matt Ryan and Drew Brees.

    I have no problem with these choices because each rightfully deserve to go.

Running Back

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    This is similar to the quarterback position.

    Michael Turner, Adrian Peterson and Steven Jackson all deserve a trip this season.


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    OK, so here is where we run into our first little road block.

    At this moment, Ovie Mughelli of the Atlanta Falcons is the chosen fullback for the NFC Pro Bowl team.


    He had 13 carries for 36 yards and no touchdowns.

    Sellers is even worse at four carries for two yards.

    Here is the difference maker.

    Mughelli had 13 catches for 126 yards and one touchdown.


    20 catches for 224 yards and zero touchdowns.

    The reason I would chose Sellers over Mughelli is because Sellers is a better blocker and helps out hugely on the special teams as well.

Wide Receiver

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    Here is one that I think is completely based on the team with the better record.

    Roddy White, Calvin Johnson and Greg Jennings all had amazing seasons and deserve a trip to the Pro Bowl.

    But DeSean Jackson?

    Receptions: 47

    Yards: 1056

    Touchdowns: Six

    How about Santana Moss?

    Receptions: 93

    Yards: 1115

    Touchdowns: Six

    DeSean Jackson can be counted on as a reliable target to be send on deep routes only.

    Santana Moss had to be relied upon deep, in the middle and for short screens. He was more versatile this year.

Tight End

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    Chris Cooley did not have a great season, but he had a better year than Tony Gonzalez of the Falcons, who was voted in.

    Wanna see their stats split?

    Tony Gonzalez:

    Receptions: 70

    Yards: 656

    Touchdowns: Six

    Chris Cooley:

    Receptions: 77

    Yards: 849

    Touchdowns: Three

    You want to know who I really feel bad for though?

    Vernon Davis of the Niners.

    Receptions: 56

    Yards: 914

    Touchdowns: Seven

    Davis had the least catches but more yards and touchdowns and was not voted in. Tough year in the NFC Tight End area.

Offensive Line

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    As most people know, the offensive line of the Washington Redskins has not been good for about the past 20 years.

    Trent Williams, the Redskins first round pick for 2010, offers some hope for the future of a reliable offensive lineman, but his steady play was not enough to earn him a spot in the Pro Bowl as a rookie, and rightfully so. The three tackles picked this year (Chad Clifton, Jordan Cross, and starter Jason Peters) are all fine linemen.

    The Redskins have no answer for anything at guard for themselves, much less the Pro Bowl.

    Center is the last position left on the line, and let's just say that I'm not surprised at the fact that the Redskins not having a Pro Bowler there either.

Defensive Line

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    Yeah, no surprise here.

    The Redskins have no defensive lineman that could even come close to matching up with anyone elected to the Pro Bowl for the NFC.


Outside Linebacker

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    As much as I would like to argue for Brian Orakpo being a Pro Bowler, he did not have the season for it.

    Lance Briggs, DeMarcus Ware and Clay Matthews all had better seasons and deserve to go.

Inside Linebacker

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    I am going to start calling London Fletcher, "The Forgotten Man."

    In NFL terms anyway.

    Fletcher was first in the NFC among interior linebackers in tackles and matched Brian Urlacher in fumble recoveries, yet Urlacher is a Pro Bowler, and Fletcher is forgotten again.

    Even starter Patrick Willis had less tackles than Fletcher.


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    Even though most of his "Pro Bowl" season can be taken away by removing one game from the schedule, DeAngelo Hall did have a good year and was rewarded with a trip to the postseason.

    Correct that...not postseason but as close as he'll get this year anyway.


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    Had LaRon Landry not gotten hurt, the Redskins may have been given the opportunity to have two players from their secondary earn a trip to the Pro Bowl, but we all know that "what if" this or that does not mean anything.


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    David Akers is the right man for the job.

    Graham Gano's 68 percent field goal percentage will only get him a trip off the team if it was mine.


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    Again, the right man got the job.

    The Redskins revolving door punter problem continues.

Kick Returner

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    Devin Hester may have had a better year returning punts than Brandon Banks did at the year end statistics recall.

    The Redskins fans can tell you that there were one or two punt returns that Brandon Banks had that were called back due to a block in the back penalty.

    Also, Banks had more kickoff returns and more yards than Hester.

    Also, Banks wins "Tough Guy of the Year" award from me for returning to the field after only a few weeks after having knee surgery during the season.