2011 NFL Draft: 10 Reasons Why Terrelle Pryor Should Leave Ohio State

David Daniels@TheRealDDanielsSenior Writer IJanuary 4, 2011

2011 NFL Draft: 10 Reasons Why Terrelle Pryor Should Leave Ohio State

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    Should Terrelle Pryor leave Ohio State to enter the 2011 NFL Draft?

    This is one of the biggest questions surrounding the deadline all underclassmen face when declaring for the draft.

    It seemed obvious he would head back to Columbus for his senior season.  After his suspension, the circumstances have changed drastically.

    Here are 10 reasons why Terrelle Pryor should enter the NFL Draft.

10. Injury Risk

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    The risk of injury is too high.  

    Terrelle Pryor gets hit a lot for a quarterback because he scrambles outside the pocket so often.

    Sam Bradford and Jermaine Gresham both rolled the dice and lost last season.  Bradford's stock didn't fall at all, but Gresham's did.

9. Suspension

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    Why miss five weeks of football when you don't have to?

    Of course, the number will probably be reduced, but you never know with the NCAA.

    In life and in general, people don't receive the opportunity to choose to serve a suspension or not very often.  Embrace the chance.

    Take that idiotic ruling and shove it right back in the NCAA's face.

8. Fines

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    Unlike the suspension, Pryor can't dodge the fines.

    $2,500 dollars is a lot to a college student.  I guarantee Pryor has no job right now.

    Growing up in a poor, small town, he doesn't have the money in straight cash sitting on his kitchen table to just throw away either.

    Heading to the NFL gives him enough money to pay off that fine 100 times over and more.

7. Heisman Hopes

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    If Terrelle Pryor could play the whole season in 2011, he would most likely be a finalist for the Heisman Trophy.  After his five game suspension, you can throw those dreams out the window.

    Pryor was the number one high school football recruit in the country.  He hasn't lived up to all the hype that surrounded him just yet.

    The Heisman would be a reason to stay because that would cement his legacy, but now that is obviously out of the question.

6. National Championship Hopes

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    The other thing that would cement Pryor's college football legend: Bringing a national championship trophy back to Columbus.

    Without him, Boom Herron, DeVier Posey, etc., the Buckeyes aren't going to be able to defeat Michigan State or Miami at Miami next season.

    In college football, it's one loss and your season is often over.  Even if Ohio State escapes with only one loss in the first five games, the chance they go undefeated the rest of the season against the brutal Big Ten is slim to none.

    National Championship hopes: 0

5. Stock

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    Pryor's stock can't get any higher than it already is.

    Since he was in high school, scouts have watched this guy closer than a mother to her newborn baby.

    They've seen his growth and what kind of potential he has.  With half of his season already gone, it's not likely he's going to stun the nation with Andrew Luck-like passing skills next year.

    He's going to be the same freakishly athletic Terrelle Pryor next year that he is now.

4. Rookie Cap

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    The rookie cap is coming.

    Pryor shouldn't wait another year to be victim of it when he can demand a higher salary while he can.

    A rookie contract lasts a long time.  He'll be stuck with that contract for the next three to five years of his life.

    The next three to five years he could probably be earning twice as much or more if he leaves a year early to avoid the cap.

3. Tim Tebow

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    Tebow was drafted in the first round on potential alone.  He's an elite athlete at the quarterback position with great measurables.

    If Tim Tebow can get drafted in the first round on potential, than Terrelle Pryor has a great chance to as well.

    Pryor can run his forty time in practically a half a second less than Tebow.  They probably have similar strength, but Pryor's three inches taller.

    Again, if Tim Tebow can get drafted in the first round on potential, then so can Pryor because his potential is so much higher.

2. Combine

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    The NFL Combine may be the place where Terrelle Pryor will shine the brightest in his entire career.

    I'm not saying he won't have a successful pro career, that's just how much he's going to blow everybody out of the water.

    Pryor reportedly ran a 4.33 40 yard dash time at an Ohio State practice.  Coming out of high school, Pryor had a 37 inch vertical and could bench 320 pounds.

    This guy lives in the weight room.  I guarantee those numbers have increased significantly by now.

    Expect a 40 inch vertical and him to challenge some of the linebackers on the bench press.

1. Background

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    Terrelle Pryor grew up in the small town of Jeannette in Western Pennsylvania.  It's not the wealthiest neighborhood in the world.  

    His father is in a wheel chair.

    He and his family could use the money.  Check that: They need the money.

    An NFL paycheck would help pay for all of his father's medical expenses and more.

    Plus, the endorsements this guy would attract could even rival LeBron James as he was just entering the NBA.

    Terrelle Pryor has no reason not to go pro, but he has 10 big ones screaming, "take the money."

    David Daniels is an NFL Featured Columnist and Writing Intern at Bleacher Report and a Syndicated Writer. Follow him at One Yard Short.com or on Twitter.