Charlie Weis: The Real Reason Why He Left the Kansas City Chiefs

Jack WindhamAnalyst IJanuary 3, 2011

Charlie Weis
Charlie WeisEzra Shaw/Getty Images

Things with Charlie Weis are becoming clear now.

When it was revealed that the 54-year-old coach was leaving the Kansas City Chiefs for a similar position with the University of Florida, there was a lot of confusion and speculations.

Some wondered whether he was yearning to return to the college game. Others, though, wondered if he had trouble getting along with Todd Haley, his former assistant and now head coach (both men have vehemently denied that there's a rift between them).

Well, it turns out that Weis is making the move for the right reason—family.

Word has come out that Weis opted to leave the NFL so that his son could have a better opportunity. Weis has a son in high school (named Charlie Weis Jr.) who has a desire to become a coach in college.

The younger Weis had an agreement with Will Muschamp. The original plan was to take place at the University of Texas, but with Muschamp moving to the University of Florida, the Weis family had to change up their plans as well.

Thus, Weis opted to leave something good with the Chiefs.

Weis had found a good situation in Kansas City with Haley and defensive coordinator Romeo Crennel, another former New England Patriots assistant coach. The team surprisingly made the playoffs, and better things were expected next year.

For most coaches, that's hard to walk away from. For most fathers, though, it's an easy choice.

Kudos to you, Charlie Weis.