Eric Mangini Fired: 10 Bold Predictions About the Beleaguered Coach's Future

Nathaniel UyFeatured ColumnistJanuary 4, 2011

Eric Mangini Fired: 10 Bold Predictions About the Beleaguered Coach's Future

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    Eric Mangini, the man dubbed as "Mangenius" by New York newspapers is out as head coach of the Cleveland Browns.

    After only two seasons in Cleveland, Mangini was handed his walking papers.

    The head coach had back-to-back 5-11 seasons with the Browns which clearly was not good enough for the Cleveland brass.

    "It's difficult," team president Mike Holmgren told ESPN after his decision to fire Mangini. "I've never had to do this before. I like the man a lot. But I want to win here. We want to win here. We did not win enough."

    So what's next for the former Browns head coach?  Let's find out.

10. Hollywood Actor

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    While with the Jets, Mangini made an appearance on the hit HBO show "The Sopranos."

    I know eating a plate of pasta isn't a big role.  But Mangini could be a interesting personality to follow in television.

9. Back Working For Belichick

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    Mangini was once a highly-touted coaching mind while he was a part of the coaching staff of Bill Belichick with the New England Patriots.

    In fact when he was named head coach of the Jets at 35-years-old, he became the youngest coach in the NFL.

    There's plenty of history between him an Belichick, it was Bill who spotted the hard-working Mangini and got him a job as public relations intern after a stint as a 23-year-old ball boy.

    It's not too unreasonable to see Mangini and Belichick reunite if the occasion presents itself.

8. Working In Baseball

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    This isn't too big of a stretch.  Mangini actually has family ties to Cleveland Indians team president Mark Shapiro.

    Shapiro is his brother-in-law.  If Mangini doesn't land another coaching gig, baseball could be next.

    He's worked his way up the football head coaching ladder, Mangini might surprise us by becoming a front office executive for the hapless Indians franchise.

7. Defensive Coach/Coordinator

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    Defense is his bread and butter.

    As a defensive backs coach with the New England Patriots, Mangini was a part of three Super Bowls.

    If no other head coaching position pops up for Mangini, plenty of head coaches would probably love to have his strong defensive mind on their coaching staff.

6. NFL Analyst

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    The broadcast booth might be a likely destination.

    If head coaching candidates Jon Gruden and Bill Cowher leave their jobs as commentators with their respective networks, a slot could open up for Mangini.

5. Sports Agent

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    This one's not a big stretch either. 

    Mangini has been known to build great relationships with players and coaches around the league.

    In fact, he's named three of his sons after former Patriot safety Rodney Harrison, head coach Bill Belichick and NFL legend Brett Favre.

    That and his father-in-law Ron Shapiro is in the sports agent business and it could be a realistic job for Mangini.

4. Brief Sabbatical

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    Head coaching in the NFL does take it toll.

    Mangini could be exhausted from two horrible seasons in Cleveland.  His mind and body could use some rest.

    Bill Cowher, former Steelers head coach, has been out of the league for four year before suddenly getting the coaching itch back again.

    A sabbatical to spend more time with his family could be in his future.

3. Weight Loss Advocate

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    Your eyes are not failing you.  Take a look a the picture from the previous slide and compare it to this one.

    That's the same guy!

    You are looking at a considerably more svelte Mangini.

    If coaching again is not in the near future, he could become an advocate for weight loss.

2. ESPN Job

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    Let's just say the network owes him a favor after this embarrassing exchange between ESPN personalities Hannah Storm and Adam Schefter.

    Storm and Schefter exchanged a celebratory high-five after breaking the news of Mangini's firing.

    Now the network needs to do damage control.

    How about bringing the former head coach for an NFL playoff expert with the network?

1. UConn Head Coach

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    Mangini has ties to Connecticut. 

    He grew up in the area and went to school in Wesleyan where he played nose tackle.

    Now that the Big East co-champions are without a head coach after Randy Edsall accepted a head coaching position with Maryland, Mangini could be their guy.

    According to Chris Mortensen of ESPN, Mangini could be the guy at UConn (@mortreport): "RT @tunasweasel With Edsall going to Maryland, hearing name of Connecticut native Eric Mangini being whispered for UCONN. > u whispered it."