NFL Rumors: Black Monday: The Bengals, Texans and Teams Looking For Head Coaches

Adam Spencer@AdamSpencer4Correspondent INovember 14, 2016

NFL Rumors: Black Monday: The Bengals, Texans and Teams Looking For Head Coaches

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    So far, the Cleveland Browns have fired Eric Mangini, the Cincinnati Bengals and Houston Texans are on the verge of firing Marvin Lewis and Gary Kubiak, respectively, and many other coaches may soon become former coaches this offseason.

    With plenty of big names on the market, including Bill Cowher, Jon Gruden and Jim Harbaugh, there will be changes made as many teams try to land those big names.

    Then, there are a few teams like the Green Bay Packers and Washington Redskins who need new coaches, but don't know it yet.

    Here are 10 teams that are (or should be) looking for a new coach and who would be the best match for their needs.

10. Green Bay Packers

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    The Packers made the playoffs this season despite Mike McCarthy, not because of him.

    I know he's had a tough year in terms of the running game, but even last year when everyone was healthy, the team couldn't win in big games.

    If the Packers can't beat the Eagles this weekend, it's time for a new coach in Green Bay.

    Best Fit: Jon Gruden.

    Gruden understands offenses and would be a great coach to get Aaron Rodgers to the next level.

9. Washington Redskins

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    Donovan McNabb and Albert Haynesworth were only part of the problem in Washington.

    The biggest problem was the way Mike Shannahan came into D.C. and changed everything.

    He changed the solid 4-3 defense into a 3-4 defense that was one of the weakest defenses in the NFL.

    Then, he clashed with Haynesworth and McNabb in what appears to be some personal vendetta against highly-paid players.

    Best Fit: Kyle Shannahan

    It'll cause some awkward Shannahan family get togethers, but the Redskins need to get Mike out of town before he ruins his son's coaching ability.

8. Tennessee Titans

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    The Titans finished the season with a dismal 6-10 record.

    At points, it appeared the players stopped playing for Jeff Fisher.

    But, another explanation is that the Titans stopped playing for their quarterbacks.

    Whether it was Vince Young, Kerry Collins or Rusty Smith, the Titans' QBs simply didn't get the job done this year.

    Best Fit: Jeff Fisher

    A coaching change in Tennessee will only make things worse.

    They need a new quarterback, then they'll get back to winning.

7. Miami Dolphins

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    Many in the Miami area are calling for Tony Sparano to be fired after the Dolphins finished 2010 with a 7-9 record.

    Sparano doesn't appear to be the problem in Miami, but there are certainly upgrades that can be made at the head coach position.

    Best Fit: Bill Cowher

    Cowher listed the Dolphins, along with the Giants and Texans, as the teams he'd come out of retirement to coach.

    The Giants don't have a head coaching opening at the moment, so the Dolphins owe it to themselves to try to get Cowher down in South Beach.

    If they don't, the Texans are going to snag him.

6. Houston Texans

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    As I mentioned in the previous slide, Cowher listed the Texans as one of three teams he'd coach next season.

    With the Giants holding on to Tom Coughlin, only two of the teams need a head coach.

    Therefore, it would appear the Texans have a 50 percent chance to land Cowher. They need to explore that option in great detail.

    Plus, it's just time for Kubiak to go.

    Best Fit: Bill Cowher

5. Denver Broncos

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    The Broncos need to bring in a head coach who can maximize the offense without alienating everyone.

    Josh McDaniels got rid of Jay Cutler, Peyton Hillis and Brandon Marshall, three players the Broncos could use.

    But, the team still has Kyle Orton, Tim Tebow and Brandon Lloyd, so they can improve.

    Best Fit: Jon Gruden, with a new defensive coordinator.

    The entire coaching staff needs upheaval. An offensive minded coach with a strong defensive coordinator would be the best fit for Denver.

4. Cleveland Browns

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    The Browns fired Eric Mangini after a 5-11 campaign.

    The team had shown some promise by beating the Patriots and Saints, but they still didn't have the kind of results that keep a head coach's jobs.

    Best Fit: Mike Holmgren

    Holmgren is the current Browns' president, but it seems he has trouble presiding over a head coach.

    Therefore, the only viable thing for him to do is to become the head coach.

3. San Francisco 49ers

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    The 49ers couldn't even let Mike Singletary finish out the regular season. That's how bad things apparently were in San Francisco.

    From NFC West favorites to a 6-10 record will put a lot of pressure on a coach and his players, as evidenced by the shouting match he had on the sideline with Troy Smith.

    Best Fit: John Harbaugh

    John Harbaugh would find a half decent quarterback and turn the 49ers' offense into a legitimate threat.

    The 49ers also need to fire their defensive coordinator and get a new guy in there.

2. Cincinnati Bengals

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    The Bengals simply got worse in every aspect of football in 2010.

    Their offense was worse, their defense was much worse and the special teams was worse as well.

    They need a new head coach to instill some fire back into this team.

    Best Fit: Jon Gruden

    The Bengals are too talented on offense to be this bad.

    Working with Gruden might revitalize Carson Palmer's career.

1. Carolina Panthers

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    The Panthers are a quarterback away from being competitive again.

    Best Fit: Jim Harbaugh

    If Harbaugh wants to continue working with Andrew Luck, the Panthers are the team where that can happen.

    Harbaugh could draft Luck and build the Panthers into competitors in the NFC South again.