Hannah Storm and Adam Schefter Celebrate Eric Mangini Firing on ESPN

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Want to see why ESPN continues to lose credibility? Look no further than this morning's footage from SportsCenter.

Adam Schefter and Hannah Storm, two respected journalists, are seen high-fiving immediately after news breaks that Eric Mangini has been fired as Cleveland Browns head coach. All that's missing is Schefter waving a Browns flag in the air or making it rain.

The video itself isn't terribly shocking. I've kept losing respect for ESPN on a yearly basis, and this only furthers it. My problem with the network is that it coddles athletes while, at the same time, trying to be the morality police. It does great work like ESPN:360 and ESPN 30 for 30, then pushes the ESPYs and hypes up ridiculousness like "The Decision."

What makes this video truly hilarious is Storm's attempt at seriousness when she says, "Not to make light of the fact that someone has lost their job..."

Oh, no—of course not, Hannah. You just high-fived your fellow anchor. I totally detected the serious nature of the report.

Schefter's even more compassionate, pointing out how "the families are affected!" shortly before checking his cell phone for a text message.

Right, Adam. The Manginis are going to need government assistance in the morning.

There was a time when ESPN actually did have a talented, creative crew of anchors, but the days of Dan Patrick and Keith Olbermann, Craig Kilborn and Rich Eisen are a distant memory. You did tune into the Big Show, because you knew Patrick and Olbermann could play off each other wonderfully while still reporting the news. Those standards have dropped dramatically since then.

Now you've got a network trying to appear hip, cute and clever while trying to pass itself off as a serious sports news network. They treat you, the average sports fan, to Chris Berman's nicknames; random hip-hop references and the use of poetry/haiku by Stuart Scott; and the annual "My Wish" series, complete with overly-dramatic, touching background music. Now add on today's high-five.

It's fresh and fun. How could any sports fan not love all that?

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