Why Can't Columnists Stick To The Facts About San Francisco 49ers?

Glenn Franco SimmonsAnalyst IJanuary 3, 2011

Vernon Davis said key components are present for future success.
Vernon Davis said key components are present for future success.Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images

San Jose Mercury News columnist Tim Kawakami wrote a real whopper today.

It was yet another myopic Kawakami column in which ill-thought variables are linked to achieve a disjointed conclusion.

Here is the all-knowing Kawakami's prognosis for San Francisco's franchise:

"{Jed} York will promote current vice president Trent Baalke to the vacant general manager spot. The very definition of an uninspiring inside job."

The sports columnist also prophesied:

"Then York and Baalke will hire a coach and, if Jim Harbaugh turns them down, it probably won't be an immediate game-changing coach."

Translation: The omnipotent Kawakami has determined that the 49ers will continue to be mediocre or worse.

Or, they could be Super Bowl champions, but because Tim is so gifted in seeing the future, 49ers fans should just prepare for the worst.

Oh, and there will be no shortage of further ill-written Kawakami columns.

Not only is Kawakami a seer, but he can also divine a person's most inner thoughts and motivations, which he demonstrated by writing:

"Which brings the undeniable conclusion: York believes replacing Singletary with a better technical coach—and the acquisition of a quarterback—will fix everything.

"No massive changes. No front-office restructuring. No hard search for upgrades in the secondary or at outside linebacker. Just a coach and a quarterback (and unofficially the seventh pick in the 2011 draft), that's all."

Really, Tim? Are you serious?

According to the transcript of York's news conference last week, which I found on Niners Nation and not on The Merc's Web site, here is what York said about the 53-man roster, Tim, which includes quarterbacks, linebackers, the secondary, etc:

"I think that's going to be up to the general manager. That's not going to be my decision; our general manager will be making those decisions."

In terms of the front office, here is what York said when asked about Baalke's future, if he is not hired as GM:

"That'll be up to our GM."

No shakeup possibility, Tim? Really?

He then quotes tight end Vernon Davis to prove what the sports columnist mistakenly believes is the point he made about York.

"Oh, the core is definitely here," Davis said. "It was here from the start.

"There were just a lot of distractions that we had throughout the course of the season. We just couldn't get it for some reason."

"That's an illusion," Kawakami chomped, "but 49ers management keeps trusting the make-believe and ignoring the tougher truths."

Wait. Did Kawakami just use a quote from a tight end to prove that this is what York, president of the team, is thinking?

Wow. Nothing against Davis, and Davis is correct to an extent, but that is some sleight-of-hand, Tim.

While York may believe that the foundation of a good team is at hand, and while he may have believed we would make the playoffs this season, things change, and so do perspectives.

The team's poor performance has changed York's thinking, which is adapting to the realities that confront this organization. This is especially apparent if you have heard York speak; for instance, on Sirius NFL Radio.

However, Kawakami's tunnel-vision remains unchanged and remains as cynical and skeptical as ever. Perhaps his bosses can purchase him a computer subscription to Sirius, where he can get real NFL news.

Not all readers drink your snake-poison elixir, Tim, but it is sure entertaining to read it. Thank you, for a job well done!