Green Bay Packers Make the Playoffs: Some Questions

Paul RosikContributor IIIJanuary 3, 2011

Woohoo! Go Pack Go!

Ok, now that I got that out, here are some assorted questions about the Packers game and their entry into the playoffs:

1) Is everyone as scared when the Packers have the ball at the one yard line or is that just me? I’d rather they stopped at the fifth if they are not going to score. The play calling at the one is just downright weird. The Packers are certainly the only team in the league where first or second and goal at the one is a passing down.

2) Does it sometimes seem like Jennings forgets what sport he is playing? Twice now he has taken those perfect lollipop passes and batted them back up in the air. At least this one wasn’t intercepted. Is he trying to set the ball up for the spike? I guess he was too open to catch that one or maybe he fancies volleyball.

3) Do they have such a thing as coordinator of the year? Dom Capers should win hands down, the only other contender may be the offensive coordinator for the Patriots. But Dom has made Erik Walden and Frank Zombo look like stars on the rise and that’s just downright amazing.

I never thought the Packers would be winning games against playoff level teams 10 - 3. I figured they would have to outscore teams. Dom’s defense has proven me wrong there. Even his all pro parts like Woodson, Matthews and Collins have been hobbled this year. But whoever came in next has more than done the job as the defense now looks more athletic and dangerous than I can remember for a long time.

4) Do the Packers have any running backs worth keeping? At this point it's too hard to tell if it’s the scheme, the play calling, the line play, or that the backs all stink equally. The best I think we have on the roster now is a full back and a third down back. The rest should all be upgraded.

5) Wasn’t the first half of this game (or maybe three quarters) a microcosm of the Packer season? Everything you could do wrong to stop a drive, they did. Penalties on long gains, turnovers, dropped balls, line blocking problems, and zero running game. The only thing they didn’t do was miss a field goal.

6) Isn’t everyone glad the Packers kept so many tight ends on the roster now? Donald Lee is a backup to a backup but still a very serviceable player when needed. And he was needed today. We know they weren’t going to be able to run it in so they took advantage of first down being the only down they could get any value out of a play fake and got the lone TD. Everyone thought keeping so many tight ends on the roster was an odd decision but good football players are good football players.

7) Why do all the announcers have to keep pointing out that the Packers are a dangerous team now that they are in the playoffs? I’d rather they all looked past them and they could sneak up on teams.

8) Who is Erik Walden? Well I know, but I had some very serious Packer fans ask me who that was last week. This week he may be getting votes for NFC defensive player of the week. Is it the scheming and the attention put towards Matthews or are the pickups like Zombo and Walden that good?

9) Has Masthay been as good as I think he has? In this game he averaged 43.5 yards for eight kicks in freezing weather and pinned several in a row inside the five in the critical fourth quarter.

10 ) Is every team song as lame as the “I Love My Green Bay Packers Polka“? I have heard the Chargers song and the Redskins song and they are so maybe they are just all that bad. But come on:

Yes, we take our opposition
And crunch ‘em like they’re crackers
That’s why I love my Green Bay Packers!

That’s got be the worst.

11) How far are the Packers going to go in the playoffs? Is the lack of a running game going to doom them or is the defense going to keep them close enough to pull out some games? I can’t make up my mind and I am not exactly unbiased when it comes to the Pack.

Share your thoughts and questions of your own.