Broncos' Finale: Is It Better To Win or Lose?

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Broncos' Finale: Is It Better To Win or Lose?
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In the season finale against San Diego, Broncos fans are divided on one question: should we hope they win, or that they lose?

There have been rumblings among broncos fans that the worst possible thing that could happen for the team tomorrow is to win and drop in the draft from their current number two position, all the way to perhaps five or six.  At a time when the Broncos need to start replenishing talent through the draft, they will suffer if the draft pick is lowered and they are unable to bring in the best players of the class. 

On the other side, many Bronco fans are hoping for a big home win against a division rivalry, which would deny the Chargers a winning record. Winning is what the game is all about. For these fans, the worst possible thing would be for the Broncos to lie down—letting the Chargers finish about .500.

The Chargers themselves seem to agree with the latter group as to the importance of winning.

Norv Turner openly stated, “We’re going to go play the football game to win. I’ve never been involved in a meaningless game...Every time you go out and play you’re representing yourself and you’re representing your organization.”

Phillip Rivers also commented, “The phrase 'the game doesn't mean anything' bothers me more than anything. It means something to play in this league and to play in this game. I'll never underappreciate the opportunity to play in an NFL game. ...If we had a pickup basketball game outside it'd mean something. We're going to play in it. We're going to try to win and get to 9-7. We want to finish over .500.”

So are you hoping the chargers lose to draft higher, or would you rather see the Broncos beat a hated division rival?

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