NFL Eye: Does Jenn Sterger Look Better Than NY Jets Heading Into NFL Postseason?

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NFL Eye: Does Jenn Sterger Look Better Than NY Jets Heading Into NFL Postseason?

Well we know Jenn Sterger looks good, she makes sure of that with all her myriad photo placements in fantastic varieties of appealing attire that support to the very fullest her eye popping attributes.

That's right, in America you can make a career of looking great without doing much else, although getting caught up in a dumb quarterback controversy doesn't hurt the old Q ratings one bit.   

The New York Jets on the other hand, after starting the season in sometimes scintillating fashion have fallen off quite a bit over the second half of the schedule and aren't looking quite so strong heading into next weeks probable first round match with either the Indianapolis Colts or Kansas City Chiefs.

Their head coach, Buddy, errrr, excuse me, Rex Ryan was all the rage in the early season as well. He was supposed to have slimmed down as a result of gastric bypass surgery, though he still looks pretty enormous on T.V. ~ they say the camera can add ten annoying pounds, so let's say he's really around 275 pounds instead of 285. 

After his frequent expletive filled rants on HBO's Hard Knocks this past summer he was somehow cast in the role of anti-hero and it was theorized players from all over the league would go out of their way to sign on with the potty mouthed Ryan and N.Y. Jets for years to come.

But a funny thing happened on the way to 10-5 and a berth in the playoffs essentially handed off to them by the Jags surprising loss to the Redskins last week.  

People have started to wonder if Buddy, errrrr, excuse me once more, Rex Ryan can coach at all. If behind the bluster, is, well more bluster and suddenly a strong move in this years coming playoffs seems requisite for him and the Jet team as a whole unless their collective intent is to once again break the hearts of a fan base still clinging madly to the teams last really outstanding success in Super Bowl III. 

(Okay, last year wasn't a total disaster, the one year with Parcell's and Testeverde as well, but we're dealing with a thought stream here, don't interrupt.)

So what will be the end result ... that is in terms of our question in point. Who will have the better of it in 2011, starting with this year's NFL Playoffs.

Lovely Jenn Sterger or the frequently bedeviled New York Jets? 

Let's proceed and see if we can come to a determination.

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