Kansas City Chiefs vs. Oakland Raiders: Conditional Perfection Is On the Line

Ramone BrownSenior Writer IJanuary 2, 2011

Kansas City Chiefs vs. Oakland Raiders: Conditional Perfection Is On the Line

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    A thrilling and legendary rivalry has been reignited in the AFC West. This weekend the AFC West champion Kansas City Chiefs are set to host the Oakland Raiders as these two teams clash in Arrowhead.

    The Chiefs will be fighting to hold onto their No. 3 seed in the playoffs, while the Raiders will be looking to play spoiler by knocking the champions down a notch. Both teams will be playing for pride, bragging rights and their own claim to perfection.

    That's right, both of these teams will be playing for some form of perfection. The Chiefs have a perfect 7-0 record at home while the Raiders have a perfect 5-0 record against the AFC West..

    When these two teams meet, something has to give, and only one team will remain with their unblemished record.

The Raiders Love Playing at Arrow Head

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    So much for a home-field advantage.

    Believe it or not, despite the Chiefs' storied home-field advantage and claim to one of the most hostile enviroments for aposing teams. The Oakland Raiders hold a three-game winning streak at Arrowhead.

    To relive the last time the Raiders lost to the Chiefs at Arrowhead, you would have to go back to 2006 when Art Shell led the Raiders to a 2-14 season.

    Over the last few seasons, the Raiders have a better track record playing in hostile Chiefs territory than they do their own home in Oakland.

    Though after years of being abused in their own home, Chiefs fans will be looking to celebrate a home victory over the Raiders for the first time in four years.

Both QBs Have Something to Prove

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    Matt Cassel has struggled against the Raiders and Jason Campbell has struggled against the Chiefs.

    Matt Cassel is 1-2 against the Raiders and will be looking to advance to .500. Cassel is 0-2 against the Raiders at home and will be looking for his first victory over the Raiders at Arrowhead.

    On another note, Cassel has been on fire as of late, winning the last five games he has played in.

    Jason Campbell's track record against the Chiefs is even worse. He is 1-3 against the Chiefs with his only win coming earlier this season in Oakland. He has never won in Arrowhead and is looking to prove that the Chiefs don't have his number.

The Raiders Are Undefeated Against the AFC West This Season

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    The Raiders have a perfect 5-0 record against their division rivals, including an overtime victory over the Chiefs, and are looking to make it 6-0. Through their five wins they have outscored the rest of the division, 184-97.

    That can be much attributed to the 59-14 beating they handed the red-headed stepchild of the AFC West, the deadbeat Denver Broncos.

    Strangely, despite inter-divisional dominance, the Raiders are no longer in playoff contention. As a matter of fact, they currently stand third in the division. I guess that might have something to do with going 2-8 against everyone else.

Chiefs Perfect at Home

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    Even more impressive than the Raiders 5-0 record against the division, the Chiefs are an undefeated 7-0 at home and will be looking to make that a perfect 8-0 before hosting the New York Jets in the wild card round of the playoffs.

    The Chiefs have outscored their opponents at home, 184-87, including a 34-14 beating of the same Tennessee Titans team that blew out the Raiders Week 1 of the season.

    Scoring more than twice as many points as their opponents at Arrowhead, the Chiefs undoubtably have a home-field advantage.

Somethings Gotta Give

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    This is bound to be a heated battle and drawn out battle between these two hated rivals. Expect cheap shots, a ton of penalties, some controversy and maybe even a few players letting their emotions get the best of them (see Richard Seymour's cheap shot on Ben Roethlisberger).

    The outcome of this game is so unpredictable that Vegas and the betting world are afraid to take a side. Favoring the Chiefs by a mere 3.5 points, that means little considering the home team is automatically spotted three points.

    Either way, whoever wins, it's great for the NFL that the Chiefs-Raiders rivalry is starting to mean something again.

    Here's to a bright future for both teams.