10 Most Random Cleveland Browns' Jerseys Currently For Sale Online

B. JonesCorrespondent IDecember 31, 2010

10 Most Random Cleveland Browns' Jerseys Currently For Sale Online

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    Andre Rison? Was this manufactured by a company or 5th grade art student?
    Andre Rison? Was this manufactured by a company or 5th grade art student?

    Happy Holidays, Cleveland Browns fans! My intention for writing this article, void of any contribution to the Bleacher Report community is to make you smile. It could however provide some last minute gift ideas for those of you who forgot to buy something for a family member you don't like, living states away.

    In a laughable compilation of complete randomness, I put together a list of the most random Cleveland Browns jerseys currently for sale on a certain auction website we all know.  This is a testament to forgotten players, who for a brief moment in time, inspired someone to purchase their jersey. 

    For the past decade or so our beloved Browns have given us few reasons to watch, but we continue to endure. Through numerous front office swaps, coaching changes and roster turnover, we continue to believe that next year will be the season that everything changes for the better.

    With the revolving door of players being the only constant in Cleveland, Browns jerseys have one of the shortest lifespans of relevance in the NFL. Rather than dwelling on this sad reality, I decided to celebrate these treasures of lost hope tucked deep away in the attics of Northeast Ohio.

    Without further delay, I present to you the Top Ten Random Cleveland Browns Jerseys Currently For Sale Online.

    *Please share a comment if you own a random old jersey that could easily make the list.

Tenth Most Random: No.92 Courtney Brown

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    We all have such fond memories of the primarily orange/brown numeral mesh half  jerseys right?!
    We all have such fond memories of the primarily orange/brown numeral mesh half jerseys right?!

    No. 92 Courtney Brown

    The "Quiet Storm" enjoyed a career in Cleveland that can be described by a quiet impact and storm of injuries. Courtney Brown never lived up to the hype as the first overall pick of the 2000 NFL Draft from Penn State University.

    He had his moments where you could see his potential, but injuries shortened his time in Cleveland and ultimately ended his career with the Denver Broncos.

    This jersey makes the list because it has a color scheme that never existed and despite the fact he was drafted in 2000, it's a 1980s half-jersey reminiscent of Jeff Hostetler at the University of West Virginia.

Ninth Most Random: No.34 Reuben Droughns

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    No. 34 Reuben Droughns

    I will give credit to Reuben. He broke the 1,000 yard curse by becoming the first Cleveland Browns running back to cross the milestone in a season since the 1985 duo of Kevin Mack and Earnest Byner.

    Droughns was a fullback who enjoyed success in Denver for a Broncos team whose run block scheme created lanes that a bus could maneuver through.

    This jersey saddened me a bit, in realization of how desperate some poor Browns fan was to be proud of a running back on a team with a forgotten tradition of pounding the rock.

Eighth Most Random: No. 81 Michael Jackson

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    No. 81 Michael Jackson

    I can hear Chris Berman now, with calls of "Thriller." Jackson came to Cleveland in the sixth round of the 1991 NFL Draft.

    Jackson made the list because despite one of the best names for any player ever to wear brown and orange, he is rarely mentioned and often forgotten in the turmoil surrounding the Browns move to Baltimore following the 1995 season.

    Injuries eventually ended his career before age 30. 

Seventh Most Random: No. 44 Lee Suggs

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    No. 44 Lee Suggs

    Lee Suggs was brought to the Browns during the Butch Davis era. Plagued by injuries during his years at Virginia Tech, he had occasional moments of success during his short career in Cleveland.

    Playing in a total of 25 games and starting 4, his best season totaled 744 yards rushing.

    This jersey made the list because I just can't fathom someone deciding to walk into a store and purchase a bright construction-cone-orange Lee Suggs alternate jersey.

Sixth Most Random: No. 99 Orpheus Roye

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    This was one of the times I would have liked to see the first name printed rather than the last name.
    This was one of the times I would have liked to see the first name printed rather than the last name.

    No. 99 Orpheus Roye

    Roye was a staple on the Cleveland Browns defensive line from 2000-2007. The only problem was, this entire era was plagued by little to no pass rush and a complete lack of any ability to stop the run. 

    This jersey makes the list because defensive jerseys are far less popular than offensive players, and Roye represents the era of mediocrity we had grown to accept during the 2000s.

    While I respect his years of service, I genuinely cannot recall a memorable play or moment to define his career in Cleveland.

Fifth Most Random: No. 24 Corey Fuller

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    No. 24 Corey Fuller

    Corey Fuller was brought over to Cleveland from Minnesota during the Butch Davis/Foge Fazio era. I remember a sense of excitement when he signed with the Browns after watching him roam the secondary for one of the premier teams in the NFL.

    It was evident early on, that despite his leadership in a young secondary, he was clearly a product of great players around him during his time on the Vikings.

    This jersey makes the list because of the randomness of someone once owning a Corey Fuller jersey, and the time it took for someone to post it for sale thinking anyone would actually buy it.

Fourth Most Random: No. 20 Earl Little

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    No. 20 Earl Little

    Yet again we reference a player from the Butch Davis years. Davis had a tendency to sign players he either coached or recruited while head coach of the Miami Hurricanes.

    Little represented a time period when the only thing missing from Berea being Miami was the fact that the weather would not cooperate with the planting of palm trees.

    His greatest accomplishment in Cleveland may have been his expletive-laced comments calling Hines Ward Chinese despite his Korean heritage.

    Not surprisingly, he was cut the moment Romeo Crennel was brought on in 2005.

Third Most Random: No. 54 Chris Spielman

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    No. 54 Chris Spielman

    Chris Spielman was a legendary linebacker at Ohio State University. He went on to have multiple Pro Bowl seasons playing for the Detroit Lions. This makes the list for the fact that Spielman never even played a game for the Cleveland Browns.

    After battling neck injuries, the linebacker had hoped to take the field with the 1999 Expansion Cleveland Browns but was forced to retire before the season started.

    Ironically, this jersey appears to have wear and tear.

Second Most Random: No.11 Ty Detmer

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    I dont remember him on the roster in 2002 or 2003. Do you?
    I dont remember him on the roster in 2002 or 2003. Do you?

    No.11 Ty Detmer

    Finishing second on the list is Ty Detmer, who was the 1999 version of Jake Delhomme, only far worse. He was brought to the Browns to fill the part of veteran starting quarterback to Tim Couch, but was benched by the end of his first start as a Brown.

    This jersey makes the list of absolute randomness because he played a total of five games in Cleveland making two starts.

    What concerns me most about whoever bought this, is the fact that it's an orange alternate jersey and his only season in Cleveland came years before they even wore these.

Most Random: No. 74 Orlando Bobo

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    No. 74 Orlando Bobo

    And the No. 1 most random Cleveland Browns jersey currently for sale online goes to Orlando Bobo. Wait, who? Uhh...I had to actually look this guy up.

    He played for the Browns in 1999, appearing in nine games and making his one and only career start. Sadly, he died due to obesity after leaving the league a couple years later.

    This jersey tops the list because I've never even heard of this guy, let alone could imagine someone buying and/or wearing his jersey.