Fantasy Football Week 17: Waiver Pickups That May Clinch Your Championship!

Michael TinleyContributor IDecember 30, 2010

PHILADELPHIA, PA - DECEMBER 28:  Injured Quarterback Brett Favre (R) #4 congratulates Joe Webb #14 of the Minnesota Vikings after scoring a touchdown against the Philadelphia Eagles at Lincoln Financial Field on December 26, 2010 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)
Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

Well you did it! You studied the stats and watched countless hours of sports television but it all paid off. You are in your fantasy football league championship! And Joe Webb got you there! Wait...Joe Webb? Who?

Yes, Joe Webb. Much to the dismay and protest of those in your league, you snatched him up when no one knew who he was and you slotted him in. But not as a quarterback.

You inserted him into your lineup as a wide receiver and then watched him rack up 15 fantasy points. For a QB who’s not so great but because some leagues give him dual eligibility (QB/WR) you gained QB points as a receiver!

Tuesday night, you saw some pretty nice points and advanced into your championship round feeling like the guy that discovered lightning in a bottle!

Yes, you endured countless hours of criticism during the Vikings-Eagles Tuesday night game as your opponent pleaded his case.

You heard things like “I really beat you” or “No loopholes next year” but in the end you were just a little bit smarter, a little bit faster, and you picked up the sleeper of the year! (well, maybe not the year. See Mr. Hillis of the Cleveland Browns)

Your only question now is, does Brett Favre come back and spoil another possible 15-point performance against Detroit? Does your fantasy league cave into protest and change his status to QB?

My advice is to act now and scour the waiver wires. There are some pretty good options to get some decent points if you need them.


Blair White-WR Indianapolis Colts

White is not going to get you Andre Johnson points, but if you need a solid eight points, he’ll do. Lining up in the slot position with Peyton Manning tossing the ball can only help. White will be the beneficiary of a lot of short routes.

The last time Tennessee and the Colts met, they were torched by Pierre Garcon. You can bet they will double-cover him to ensure he does not run wild again. White will be the Austin Collie for this game and you can reasonably expect 50 yards and a TD.


Jerome Simpson-WR Cincinati Bengals

With the T-OCHO show on hold now in Cincy, Jerome Simpson has stepped up. Simpson hauled in 6 catches for 124 yards and a pair of touchdowns against a very good San Diego pass defense.

Reports surfaced that Simpson walked into coach Marvin Lewis' office and said, “Coach, I can help you win.” (Yahoo Sports) Apparently, coach took his advice and the result was 24 points. (Yahoo Fantasy League)


Jason Avant-WR-Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles loss to the Vikings sealed their fate as the No. 3 seed. The game against the Dallas Cowboys is now meaningless. This could mean limited duty for DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin.

So it's a very strong possibility that you will see Jason Avant receiving most of Kevin Kolbs' passes. Avant is a pretty sure-handed receiver and will catch the "bailout" passes when needed.

If he sees significant time, you can count on at least 60 yards and a possible touchdown, if not more.

In Week 10 vs. the Washington Redskins, Avant showed what he's capable of, as he went for 76 yards and a TD, easily earning 13 fantasy points.