A New Cubs Owner Is Right Around the Corner: Where Does Mark Cuban Stand?

mark murrellCorrespondent ISeptember 9, 2008

Recent news suggests that the second and perhaps final round of bidding for the Chicago Cubs is just around the corner.

Can Mark Cuban come out in front? Most likely. Will Sam Zell accept his bid? Most Likely.

Will Bud Selig and the MLB owners vote for Cuban as the next Cubs owner? It is not looking good, but I would not count him out. Here is why:

  • Courting the Cubs: Cuban has done a great job of showing his support for the Cubs players, the team as a whole, and the city of Chicago. KERRY WOOD'S CHARITY EVENT
  • Endorsements: Mark has received some endorsements for a variety of high-profile persons (owners, commissioners, players, sportswriters) directly involved in professional sports. SEE ENDORSEMENTS
  • Player and Fan support: A number of Chicago Cubs players and thousands of fans like the idea of Mark Cuban as the next owner of the Chicago Cubs. CHECK OUT VIDEO

While insiders seem to feel that Mark Cuban is a long shot, I have a feeling he is not as much of a long shot that some believe.

Cuban is a smart businessman—look at his resume. It would be a waste of time and money for him to pursue something that he did not feel is well worth the investment or out of his reach (politically or financially). And, if I am not mistaken, he does not appear to be the type of guy that likes wasting time and money.


I want to address a recent article (Ricketts, Canning lead this race) by Barry Rozner of the Daily Herald (a Chicago suburb paper). This is the first slanted article I have read about the Cubs deal this year.

Rozner seems to have some beef with Cuban, as he portrays him in an unflattering light, commenting on Cuban’s PR efforts. Perhaps Rozner does not understand business, but PR (especially in Cuban’s case) is essential to leverage yourself against the competition.

As well, note the title of his article: Canning? Didn’t Zell laugh at John Canning’s original bid? Furthermore, do we really want a Brewers owner taking over the Cubs?

Ricketts, I agree, is a formidable opponent, but Canning, despite his hand-holding with Selig, is highly doubtful. I predict that it will be Ricketts and Cuban as the two finalists.

Barry, I offer this: Call Cuban, set up an interview, and then write a 1.5 version of this article. Your disdain for Cuban’s strategy is prominent, and you need to do some more research.


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