MLB Rumors: Why Yankees’ Rafael Soriano, Manny Ramirez Whispers Make No Sense

Michael HammonsCorrespondent IDecember 29, 2010

MLB Rumors: Why Yankees’ Rafael Soriano, Manny Ramirez Whispers Make No Sense

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    Many of the big names in MLB free agency have already signed with teams, and as widely reported, the Yankees haven't had their usual success.

    A few names still float out there.  Mostly aging or battered pieces, but there is still intrigue with some of them.

    Should the Yankees give Manny Ramirez and Rafael Soriano a look?  Some evidence suggests that maybe it could work out, but a lot of it points in the other direction.

Could Manny Swallow His Pride? Doubtful

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    Manny is Manny.

    That carries a lot of different meanings, but in essence, Ramirez has had a history of drama, displaying a poor attitude and being a guy who quits on his team.

    Some of those things were brushed aside when Manny was young and in his prime, but who wants an old prima donna?

    In a Yankees clubhouse with strong personalities, where would Manny fit?  

    I'm usually not a big believer in stuff like "clubhouse chemistry," as I think winning breeds chemistry, but Manny doesn't seem to be the kind of guy who would be willing to do what the team wants.

Manny Wouldn't Have a Position

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    Being that Manny really can't play outfield anymore, and with Jorge Posada likely to be the everyday DH next season, he would have no place on this team.

    Part-time player, then?  I don't think he would be willing to go for that.

There Are Better Players Available

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    Even if one just scans at the list of old guy free agents, names like Vladimir Guerrero, Johnny Damon and Jim Thome sound better at this point.

    They are coming off better seasons, I think they would have a better understanding of their role and they are free of the baggage that Manny brings.

Raphael Soriano Is Worth Only a One-Year Deal

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    Scott Boras, Soriano's agent,  is reportedly chasing a four-year deal for the oft-injured reliever.

    Should he get that for his client, there is a good chance the team who lands him may get raped in the long-term, as he has had a recent history of elbow and shoulder problems.

    If one looks at recent relievers who landed more than a one-year deal, the market is littered with disappointments.  Legends such as Brandon Lyon, Steve Karsay and Kyle Farnsworth pop up.

Soriano May Prefer To Close

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    Since Mariano Rivera doesn't age, Soriano would have to be a setup guy for the Yankees.

    Maybe he holds down the fort and gets the job when Rivera retires, but they said the same thing about Joba Chamberlain as well.

    On the aforementioned one-year deal, the idea that I mentioned in my prior slide, he could be a great guy to have if you have CC Sabathia go seven innings and hand the ball to Soriano while Rivera gets ready.

    However, there are teams that need closers right now, which are probably more appealing to Soriano.

Soriano Would Cost The Yankees a First-Round Pick

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    Perhaps they don't care, and it's easy to assume that they don't, as the Yankees are forever in a "win now" mode, but the acquisition of Soriano would mean sacrificing a first-round draft pick.

    However, as recent evidence suggests, the Yankees can't always go out and get who they want in free agency and the core is aging by the minute, so perhaps it's something the Yankees ought to think about as they think about the future (if they EVER think about the future).

In Conclusion

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    The above posted trophy is all that matters in New York.

    The Yankees, by their standards, have had a poor offseason, but these particular players wouldn't represent much of an improvement.

    Perhaps Soriano would moreso than Ramirez, but there are too many red flags, even with him.

    In other words, their hopes of winning the World Series wouldn't be increased by all that much with these acquisitions.

    Pass on them and wait until the trade deadline, as there will always be teams looking to unload veterans.