Philadelphia Eagles Were Killed by The Sunday Night Delay

WesAnalyst IDecember 29, 2010

Sick to my stomach.
Sick to my stomach.Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

Andy Reid and every talk show host in Philadelphia will try to convince you the Eagles did not lose because the game was pushed back two days.

Well they are the worst liars you will ever meet.

If the NFL played this game on Sunday night there is no way in hell Joe Webb runs around and completes passes like the second coming of Steve Young.

The snow and field conditions would have slowed Webb down. And not only that, but Adrian Peterson would have seen less carries.

Peterson went from questionable to probable during that time frame and it paid off like you wouldn't believe.

Yes, the Eagles defense should have made plays when they were asked to do so. But if they were asked to make plays against someone other than Peterson or against Webb on a snow-covered field then I can guarantee you they make the plays and win the game.

By playing in good conditions the Vikings defense blitzed and had good enough footing to create havoc on the Eagles offense. They were also able to bootleg Webb and allow him to extend plays with his legs.

Put him on a snow covered field?

Let's just say he doesn't make half the plays he made Tuesday night.

I know Vick would be limited too. But the Eagles would have had enough depth to overcome the elements and win the game.

It was not the days off that killed the Eagles, it was the fact they were not allowed to play in the elements that hurt this team.