Detroit Lions: Beating Miami Dolphins on the Road in Pictures

John Farrier@GriffWings UnitedCorrespondent IDecember 28, 2010

Detroit Lions: Beating Miami Dolphins on the Road in Pictures

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    DeAndre Levy seals the deal with his 30-yard touchdown return after intercepting Miami Dolphins quarterback Chad Henne.

    The Detroit Lions have done the seemingly unthinkable by winning three straight games, and two consecutively on the road in the "southern peninsula."  Taking the "road field" advantage in southern Florida is serendipity indeed for this road-weary Detroit Lions fan.

    Once again, the Detroit Lions proved to the rest of the NFL that the opponent must stay battle-focused for 60 minutes or more if they are going to beat the former "OwenXVI Champions" from the 2008 campaign, a season growing more distant in the rear-view mirror by the moment.

    The Detroit Lions received solid contributions from tight end Brandon Pettigrew and wide receiver Calvin Johnson.  And even though Chad Henne had a higher completion percentage than Lions' second-string quarterback Shaun Hill, it was actually Henne's "lack of accuracy" that doomed the Dolphins to their seventh loss at home on their 2010 season.

    The Dolphins hadn't lost two games consecutively during the 2010 season, but that changed, much to Dolphins fans' chagrin, this past Sunday on a sunny but windy afternoon at Sun Life Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida.

    The Dolphins ran for more yards than the Lions. 

    The Dolphins threw for more yards than the Lions. 

    The Dolphins possessed the football for one-quarter's worth more than the Lions. 

    The Dolphins also had two more interceptions than the Lions, which proved to be the difference in the margin of victory with less than three minutes remaining in the contest.

    The Badger made the Wolverine pay the final price, which was more than worth the price of admission in the handicap accessible seats in section 103.  Sitting next to Detroit Lions linebacker coach Matt Burke's dad made the afternoon simply wonderful.

    The Lions' victory over the Dolphins made the 3,000 mile round trip worth all of the discomfort! 

    Enjoy the pictorial, Detroit Lions fans!

Sun Life Stadium, Miami Gardens, Florida

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    Sun Life Stadium, Miami Gardens, Florida, December 26, 2010

    This venue would serve as the Detroit Lions' second home-away-from-home in the state of Florida during the 2010 football season.

    The atmosphere is good for being artificially imported into a parking lot, but lacks the vibe of the city that Detroit Lions fans are accustomed to down on Brush Street, not far from the corner of Gratiot and Brush.

Sun Life Stadium Comes Alive on December 26, 2010

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    Sun Life Stadium comes to life the day after Christmas 2010

    Although there were empty seats to be found at Sun Life Stadium, there was no shortage of sunshine or enthusiasm, as both teams were well represented by their respective fan bases.

Defensive Tackles Sammie Lee Hill and Ndamukong Suh Lead the Charge

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    Lions at the ready to defend against the Dolphins.

    Bobby Carpenter, No. 59, enjoyed a team high eight tackles and one assist in a hard-faught victory against his former employer.  Sammie Lee Hill and Ndamukong Suh lead the charge up front, with Carpenter and DeAndre Levy raking and scraping all day long.

Detroit Lions Quarterback Shaun Hill in Action

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    Detroit Lions quarterback Shaun Hill throws to his outlet receiver.

    Shaun Hill once again did enough to win, mostly by not throwing any interceptions, on Sunday afternoon, December 26, 2010. 

    Despite throwing for less than 54 percent of passes completed, Hill was effective in playing his part in the Detroit Lions second-consecutive road win on the 2010 campaign.

Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders

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    Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders

    Since the Detroit Lions are without official cheerleaders, we'll have to borrow the gals from south Florida for the time being.

Shaun Hill to Calvin Johnson

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    Shaun Hill to Calvin Johnson

    Detroit Lions quarterback Shaun Hill delivers the ball to Calvin Johnson to keep the Lions going and in the game.

Detroit Lions Running Back Maurice Morris Runs for a Touchdown Off Left Tackle

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    Detroit Lions running back Mo Morris scores a rushing touchdown after left tackle Jeff Backus seals his block.

    Detroit Lions' veteran running back Mo Morris got the job done on Sunday afternoon, as this touchdown run was an integral part of the Lions' success.

The Detroit Lions Defense Never Rests

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    Detroit Defense Never Rests

    The Detroit Lions got outgained on the ground and in the air, but in the end it didn't matter, as Chad Henne found a way to keep the Lions in the game by throwing two critical interceptions that ultimately led to the Dolphins' demise. 

    Cliff Avril, Ndamukong Suh, Bobby Carpenter, and Amari Spievey are all trying to get to the ball carrier where the Detroit defender already has him wrapped up.

Corey Williams and Bobby Carpenter Converge on Ricky Williams

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    Corey Williams and Bobby Carpenter converge on Dolphins running back Ricky Williams

    Detroit Lions' defensive tackle Corey Williams and outside linebacker Bobby Carpenter converge on Miami Dolphins running back Ricky Williams. 

    The Lions defensive line and linebacker corps worked in tandem all afternoon to help provide victory for the Detroit Lions faithful.

DeAndre Levy Leads This Business Meeting

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    DeAndre Levy is fired up and calling the Detroit Lions next defensive play.

    The Detroit Lions defense was animated all day long on Sunday, December 26, 2010.  DeAndre Levy is getting the troops fired up to execute the next defensive play.

Dolphins Offensive Line Holding Ndamukong Suh?

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    Does that appear to be a hand inside Suh's jersey?

    Detroit Lions rookie defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh appears to be the victim of holding, allowing Dolphins running back Ronnie Brown to elude Suh's grasp before running into veteran defensive tackle Corey Williams.

Jahvid Best Makes the Catch and Takes It to the House

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    Detroit Lions rookie RB Jahvid Best on a 53-yard touchdown reception.

    Every time Detroit Lions rookie running back Jahvid Best touches the football, he is a threat to score from anywhere on the football field.  Sunday, December 26, 2010 was no different, as Best took a short pass from quarterback Shaun Hill 53 yards for a touchdown against the Miami Dolphins.

Brandon Pettigrew Chewing Up Yards After the Catch En Route to a Touchdown

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    Brandon Pettigrew is a locomotive that will not be stopped until he reaches the end zone.

    Detroit Lions second-year tight end Brandon Pettigrew had four catches for 74 yards and a touchdown against the Miami Dolphins at Sun Life Stadium on the day after Christmas 2010.

Brandon Pettigrew Celebrates After His Touchdown Reception

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    Detroit Lions tight end Brandon Pettigrew celebrates after a hard-earned touchdown.

    Instead of taking the photo of Brandon Pettigrew crossing the goal line, I celebrated like a fan first and then caught his celebration.  Great pass, catch and run for a score that got Detroit Lions fans totally fired up!

These Cheerleaders Would Have Been Cheering for the Lions in Detroit; However...

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    If they're happy, we're happy.

    These cheerleaders I have responsibly borrowed to cheer for the Detroit Lions immediately following Brandon Pettigrew's touchdown catch.  They were very nice to honor my request.

For Miami Dolphins and Quarterback Chad Henne, the Levy Has Officially Broken

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    DeAndre Levy on the run after intercepting Chad Henne late in the fourth quarter.

    DeAndre Levy, partially obscured behind the goal post, is returning his interception of Chad Henne. 

    Miami Dolphins left tackle Jake Long has been flattened on this play, which is exceptionally wonderful now that his days in Ann Arbor have concluded.

DeAndre Levy's Pick-6 of Chad Henne

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    Detroit Lions middle linebacker DeAndre Levy provides the margin of victory with less than three minutes remaining in the Lions 34-27 win over the Miami Dolphins.

    Detroit Lions second-year "middle line Badger" DeAndre Levy kept his eyes on the ball in his zone and an errant Chad Henne pass, his second of the afternoon, proved to be the margin of victory for the Lions.

And the Detroit Lions Fans Rejoiced!

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    HaMMeR, Geoffery, and Shay the birthday boy who would celebrate his first Detroit Lions game in style!

    There were plenty of Detroit Lions fans on hand to witness the Lions' road victory over the host Miami Dolphins. 

    The Dolphins fans were a classy group who represented their team well, behaved well when holding the lead and were gracious in defeat.  How a group of fans behave after a loss says a lot about them and the Dolphins fans had absolutely nothing to hang their heads about after the game.

And This Cheerleader Rejoiced As Well

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    Did I mention the Detroit Lions do not have an official cheerleading squad?  At Ford, quality is job one.

    It was nice to win a game I predicted the Lions would win back on July 25, 2010!


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    GO LIONS WIN!  Did anybody mention that cheerleader thing?