Washington Redskins: The Win in Jacksonville Means Losing a QB in The Draft

Josh McCainSenior Writer IDecember 28, 2010

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With the win over the Jacksonville Jaguars, the Washington Redskins moved from having a top-five draft pick to falling out of the top ten and may have possibly missed out on drafting a top college quarterback.

Some fans and sports writers are treating that as bad news.

Not me, though. I'm downright jovial.

Sure, quarterback is a need for the Redskins now that it appears the Donovan McNabb era has come to an end, but the Redskins have greater needs on the offensive and defensive lines.

Shoot, I'd rather see the team draft a linebacker or safety before they took a quarterback.

There are some people who are working up theories on how the Skins can move up into a position to draft a quarterback in the draft.

That's the wrong line of thinking, though. The Redskins need more draft picks to help fill their holes, not less in order to draft a quarterback that may or may not be any good.

Granted, I'm not overjoyed with the knowledge that Rex Grossman is probably going to be the starter next season, but like in Chicago, if we provide him with protection and a sound running game, he can be affective. 

I think they have the run game in place already. 

If Ryan Torain stays healthy, he's our No. 1 guy.  The team can probably re-work Clinton Portis' contract and keep him around as a third-down back (his blocking has been sorely missed) and Keiland Williams has done a decent job in spelling Torain.

You put a good offensive line in front of them and hopefully they won't have to depend too much on Rex Grossman trying to win games.

However, I'm not trying to say the Redskins don't need to get younger at the quarterback position, but they don't need to mortgage their future on one, either.

Build a solid core on offense and defense and then go after the quarterback of the future.

Or maybe in next year's draft the Skins could get lucky and have a top-tier guy fall to them, like Aaron Rodgers did to Green Bay, Ben Roethlisberger to the Steelers or even Joe Flacco to the Ravens.

All three of those teams had a solid core before they took a quarterback, and look at them now.  They are always in contention to win their divisions and to make the playoffs.

That's what the Skins need to do. 

They need to stop worrying about selling their suites and club-level tickets and worry about building a winner.

I can guarantee Dan Snyder that if the team consistently wins games and is constantly in the playoff hunt that those premium seats will sell, even with a guy like Rex Grossman at the helm.

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