San Diego Chargers Coach Norv Turner's History In The First Five Games

Ian PhilipAnalyst IIIDecember 28, 2010

Albert Einstein once said "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results".

Who here thinks that Norval Turner is a genius?

Something is not right about Turner's training camps. Norv Turner has now gone six seasons in a row with his teams starting the year 2-3 or worse and that has been the case in nine out of 13 of his seasons as an NFL head coach.

That is absurd. How does this guy still have a job?

Even the embattled Mike Riley was able to lead the Chargers to starts of 4-1 and 3-2 with teams that had minimal talent.

...and that is when the AFC West was considered the best division in football.

Riley had no skill players at his disposal. Don't believe me? Ryan Leaf/Moses Moreno/Jim Harbaugh at quarterback with Robert Chauncey/Jermaine Fazande at running back is what Riley went to war with.

Riley started his tenure looking like Brad Pitt, three years later he looked like Archie Bunker. 

Marty Schottenheimer also led the Chargers to several fast starts in his five years as head coach. Including a 6-1 start with a slightly more talented team than Mike Riley had.

Turner has so much talent at his disposal that his head is spinning. He needs a head coach to give him direction on how to harness of this offensive talent. How many times have you seen the Chargers out think themselves?

I mean, really. Darren Sproles is a toy. He is like a boxer throwing a haymaker. Every so often you score a knockdown or rock the opposition. More often than not, your opponent lands a counter punch to your face. Sproles needs to drop those ten pounds he gained and get back on special teams where he belongs.

This team needs to go to training camp with an attitude that "we will run the ball down your throat."

How many finesse teams win the Super Bowl? I was hoping that Rivers would throw for less than 3,500 yards, because it would mean that the Chargers could run the ball. Nope. He's on pace for over 4,500 yards. That's a bad season for your offense.

This what I was hoping for:

"The perfect mix for the Chargers offense would be 2400 yards from the rushing attack and another 3500 from the passing attack while maintaining more rushing attempts than passing attempts."

Instead, the Chargers are on pace for about 4,500 yards passing and 1,800 yards rushing. Far more yards than I'd hoped, but far less effective yards. The Philadelphia Eagles are on pace to throw for about 4,000 yards and run for 2,400 yards.

Please tell me that no one here thinks the Chargers' offense is more effective than the Eagles'. On the other hand, I'd argue that the Eagles are not as talented as the Chargers on offense.

Turner took over a team that could go toe to toe with the likes of the Ravens, Steelers, and Patriots any time, any place. He has turned them into a finesse team that has no hope of winning in inclement weather and can't take care of the football.

Who remembers the Chargers first AFC West title under Schottenheimer. On the road, in the snow, Cleveland in December. Chargers 21, Browns 0. Could you imagine if Norv were the coach? Browns 38, Chargers 24.

Turner's teams have a history of being out done for long stretches during any given season season. Usually at the beginning, but there have been late season lapses as well.

He has been lucky to have a team with talent and an organization with structure, but they couldn't overcome Norv this year, much to the delight of the Kansas City Chiefs.

This season, Norv made it a point to be physical at the start of the season. It worked, somewhat. San Diego was able to put the number one defense out on the field, but they were out-done physically by their biggest rival the Oakland Raiders in three out of the last four games. 

If you thought the Raiders were no longer a rival, you don't get your hair cut in a Raider barbershop like me. I'm walking around looking like Grady, because I don't want hear those guy's mouths.

Here is a history of the first five games in each one of Turner's season as a head coach:

Washington Redskins

1994: 1-4 (3-13)

1995: 2-3 (6-10)

1996: 4-1 (9-7)

1997: 3-2 (8-6-1)

1998: 0-5 (6-10)

1999: 4-1 (10-6)

2000: 3-2 (7-6 fired mid-season)


Oakland Raiders

2004: 2-3 (5-11)

2005: 1-4 (4-12)


San Diego Chargers

2007: 2-3 (11-5)

2008: 2-3 (8-8)

2009: 2-3 (13-3)

2010: 2-3 (8-7)

I'm done with Norv Turner. I must say I don't expect to be bothered to watch next week's game, nor am I going to stress myself out worrying about what the Chargers are going to do next season at the start of the season. They'll be starting 2-3 or worse.

I don't care if the first five opponents are the Detroit Lions, the Calgary Stampeders, the Rhein Fire, the Manchester United, and the Los Angeles Sparks (with Lisa Leslie returning the opening kick-off 98 yards to the house), the Chargers will start 2-3 or worse under Norval. 

Oh, you think not? You're insane.


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