Kansas City Chiefs-Oakland Raiders: It Does Matter

Paul Fischer@@paulfischer53Contributor IDecember 27, 2010

Kansas City Chiefs-Oakland Raiders: It Does Matter

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    The huge advantage the Chiefs gained by clinching the AFC West this past weekend is that they can now treat this Sunday’s game against the Raiders as a preseason game and rest key players after the first quarter of action.     

    Even though the Chiefs do not need to win against the Oakland Raiders this weekend to secure a playoff spot, winning the game does have some value for these three reasons. 

1. Third Seed In The Playoffs

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    A win secures the Chiefs as the third seed in the playoffs.   If everything held true to form the Chiefs would play the New York Jets at home and the Pittsburgh Steelers on the road.

    There are no easy games in the playoffs, but this is clearly an easier road than being the fourth seed. They would have to play the Baltimore Ravens at home, then go to the New England to play the Patriots.

2. Upsets Happen

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    The third seed has a chance to host another home playoff game if an upset happens to the first or second seed.  With the brilliant play of Tom Brady, the Patriots are clearly the class of the league. 

    However, the Ravens match up very well against them and did upset them on the road last year in the playoffs. 

    Of course, this assumes the Ravens will take care of the Indianapolis Colts in the first round. 

3. Trickeration!

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    The Chiefs should also empty out the playbook in the first quarter with a couple of trick plays to give their playoff opponent just a little more to cover in preparation for the game.   

    Even if it’s only an hour that is one less hour they have to prepare for Jamaal Charles to the left and Thomas Jones to the right.