Michael Vick: So, Barack Obama Called Jeffrey Lurie To Laud QB's Signing?

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Michael Vick: So, Barack Obama Called Jeffrey Lurie To Laud QB's Signing?
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It looked like such an easy, feel-good story.

There was a sweet picture of the president catching a football with the family dog frolicking beside him.

In the Yahoo! blog "Shutdown Corner," Chris Chase goes on to share how President Barack Obama had recently called Philadelphia Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie to congratulate him on the signing of Michael Vick after his prison stint.

It seemed a harmless tale. Vick has been playing like an MVP and gives the impression that he's matured and understands the error of his ways.

A couple things, though, lingered in the back of my mind.

Why now? Michael Vick has been playing lights out most of the season. After winning the starting job from Kevin Kolb, Vick has played with a precision and maturity he never showed in Atlanta. Even though he's still a huge threat running the football, Vick has been a tremendous pocket passer. But he's been doing that for months. Why call now?

Would he have made the call if Vick were backing up Kolb? The impressive part of the story is Vick's work to restore his reputation and public image. He's speaking at schools and in the community. He has been a model citizen. That's why congratulations are in order. Was the president cherry-picking by waiting until Michael Vick played so well to make the call?

Of course, it could be part of the remake of Obama's image. After reaching across the aisle to solve the tax cut repeal, the President has had a bump in his approval ratings. What better way to expand that appeal than to be seen on the nation's sports pages, running with a football, being chased by the family pooch?

Is it an accident the dog is in the picture for an article about congratulating the signing of Michael Vick?

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