Mike Singletary & 11 Coaches Who Won't Be Back in 2011

Brian DiTullioSenior Writer IDecember 26, 2010

Mike Singletary & 11 Coaches Who Won't Be Back in 2011

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    Mike Singletary already has coached his last game with the San Francisco 49ers. Singletary was given his pink slip very late Sunday night.

    But Singletary isn't the only coach who'll find themselves looking for work in the new year. There are about a dozen head coaches on the hot seat, and there's no guarantee even the three interim coaches will be at the helm of their teams next season.

    So, let's take a look at all the head coaches under fire in the NFL and figure out what their future may be. No guarantees here, this is pure speculation.

12. Eric Studesville

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    Eric Studesville, replacing the departed Josh McDaniels, will get his fair shot at the big chair in Denver. With Tim Tebow's success, though, that's no guarantee the job is Studesville's. The Broncos are going to be looking for a coach who not only is willing to work with Tebow but can develop him into a successful pro quarterback.

    Chances of Studesville Remaining: Low

11. Leslie Frazier

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    Leslie Frazier is keeping the seat warm in Minnesota after Brad Childress was ejected, but with all the changes going on in the organization, Frazier isn't guaranteed a job in the offseason.

    The Vikings have to determine from the top down how they're going to put together a winning organization, and that plan determines whether or not Frazier stays.

    Chances of remaining: Medium

10. Jason Garrett

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    Jason Garrett turned the Cowboys around immediately after taking control in November. But now, the Cowboys have lost two games under Garrett, and almost lost to Rex Grossman and the Washington Redskins last week.

    Garrett has his work cut out for him, but Jerry Jones isn't going to replace him unless one of the "big names" out there throws his hat into the ring. Garrett is learning on the job, and the Cowboys should be a better team next year.

    Chances of remaining: High

9. Gary Kubiak

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    Gary Kubiak has one of the league's best offenses. Unfortunately, he didn't have much of a defense this year, and the team crumbled midseason after a promising start.

    What Kubiak has to go through now is the dreaded evaluation, and whether the front office decides he's more to blame for the bad season than the lack of talent on the field.

    I have a hunch Kubiak is staying.

    Chances of remaining: High

8. Mike Singletary

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    Mike Singletary received no vote of confidence from his owner following the loss to St. Louis and the public argument with his quarterback, Troy Smith. Then he was fired a few hours later.

    Singletary had been on the hotseat since early in the season, and his response to the pressure has been to become more erratic and make even less sense with his decisions.

    Chances of remaining: FIRED

7. Norv Turner

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    Norv Turner's Chargers consistently are in the playoff hunt, if not in the playoffs at the end of the season. But the Chargers have no Super Bowls under Turner, and their typical first-half slow start didn't explode into a second half surge like it has in the last few years.

    While there was more winning, it wasn't nearly enough to overcome the hole the Chargers had dug for themselves, and now the Chargers get to decide how to spend their offseason, rebuilding again? Or starting from scratch with a new head coach.

    Chances of remaining: Moderately High

    UPDATE: Norv Turner Will Be Retained For 2011

6. Jeff Fisher

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    Jeff Fisher is a great coach who consistently gets his team into the postseason. That being said, Fisher has no Super Bowls to show for his work. In fact, his Titans were the short end of the stick against the Rams in the "One Yard Short" game in 2000.

    However, lately Fisher has been plagued by the inconsistent play of Vince Young, and now owner Bud Adams may side with Young over Fisher in the dispute that arose between the two this season.

    Adams is known for loving Young, and it looks like Fisher may be on the way out, which wouldn't be good for the Titans.

    Chances of remaining: Moderately Low

5. Tony Sparano

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    Tony Sparano is head coach of a team with no quarterback and two aging running backs. The fact the Dolphins can't win at home this year, though, is a black mark on his record.

    Sparano would benefit by having better options on his offense, but he had to fire his special teams coach halfway through the season, and there has been defensive breakdowns that have crippled the team this year.

    Still, there's only so much you can do when your quarterback is throwing interceptions, and that's how the Dolphins season has gone.

    Chances of remaining: Medium

4. Eric Mangini

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    Eric Mangini has made two critical mistakes in his coaching career in Cleveland. One was not building a proper running game and relying on one running back while at the same time continuing to put his trust in an offensive coordinator who's clearly in over his head once the game starts.

    The Cleveland offense seems to have an allergy to the end zone, and the second half breakdowns this season are as much a function of poor coaching as they are of players not executing.

    Team President Mike Holmgren has to decide what he wants to do this offseason, and if Mangini gets another year, there is no easy answer to that question.

    Chances of remaining: Low

3. Marvin Lewis

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    Marvin Lewis has been the coach of a team that never really has gone anywhere or done anything. The Bengals made the playoffs last year but quickly were ejected in the Wild Card round.

    Under Lewis, the Bengals have a history of getting in trouble with the law and playing wild and undisciplined.

    This year has been a disaster, and since it's the last year's of his contract, it's doubtful Owner Mike Brown will sign him to a new contract.

    Chances of remaining: Very Low

2. John Fox

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    John Fox seemed to be on the way out of Carolina before the season even began, and nothing the team has done this season has changed that sentiment.

    Fox got a team this year almost completely stripped of talent on defense and an offense that had virtually no continuity with the 2009 team.

    So the fact Carolina has been bad this year shouldn't be a surprise. What is a surprise is how little the ownership seemed to care about it going into the year.

    Chances of remaining: Virtually Zero.

1. Tom Coughlin

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    Tom Coughlin has won a Super Bowl in New York, but that hasn't given him the kind of "free pass" it gave Bill Parcells. Part of that reason is Couglin teams tendency to fall apart at the end of the year.

    Even if they don't fall apart at the end of the year, they always go through a rough patch.

    This latest breakdown, losses to Philadelphia and Green Bay, could be the precursor to the end of the Giants season without getting to the Super Bowl.

    With how impatient New York fans are, this could be the end of Coughlin's time in New York, which would be a shame.

    Chances of Remaining: Medium