Philadelphia Eagles Get Screwed: Game Against Minnesota Vikings Postponed

WesAnalyst IDecember 26, 2010

Uh guys. The game isn't until Tuesday. You can go home now.
Uh guys. The game isn't until Tuesday. You can go home now.Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Where do you even begin with the NFL's poor decision to postpone Philadelphia's Sunday night home game against the Minnesota Vikings to Tuesday night at 8:20?

Let's start at the beginning to appreciate how big of a jerk Roger Goodell and the powers to be really are.

Someone with a brain sat down and said, "Hey let's move the Eagles game against the Vikings, which is scheduled for Sunday afternoon at 1:00 to our Sunday Night Football spot at 8:20."

Then a dipstick fired back, "Great idea. We'll get to see Brett Favre go head-to-head with Michael Vick."

At that point, dead silence struck the room.

No one pointed out that Favre's shoulder was mangled, the Minnesota Vikings absolutely blow, and the weather in Philadelphia is not exactly tropical.

But they carried on with the decision and "flexed" the game.

Now they are left with Brett Favre trying to remember his name after his head was bounced off cement-like turf and Joe Webb as the starting the quarterback at least for now.

But I'm sure all of that will change after Favre pulls a Jesus Christ and walks across the Delaware and Schuylkill Rivers before sashaying into Lincoln Financial Field.

The NFL now must also contend with the first blizzard in the history of the league. Never before has an NFL city seen 5-8 inches of snow with winds ranging from 25-30 mph.

Actually, just to point out how asinine the decision is, Philadelphia was hit with a blizzard before the 1948 NFL Championship game held at Shibe Park and the 2004 NFC Championship at Lincoln Financial Field.

Both games were played, the stadiums were sold out, and the Eagles won.

I point out the games were sold out because the NFL made the decision in part to fan safety.

Really? All of a sudden, Goodell is Mother Teresa's brother and acting in a charitable manner for the fans?

This is the same d-bag who is trying to ram an 18th game down our throats, while still making fans pay for meaningless preseason games.

Great move Rog.

And aren't you the same clown who decided to play the Super Bowl in February in the New Meadowlands stadium, located in East Rutherford, NJ? Can't wait to see you postpone that game if the conditions aren't prime for the picking.

But the biggest goof in all of this is the negative impact it has on the Eagles.

Philadelphia, who is in position to claim a No. 2 seed in the NFC will only have four days of rest when they face division rival Dallas on the final week of the regular season.

Meanwhile, Dallas will have seven days of rest since they played on Saturday.