Top 5 Fantasy Football Sleepers: Quarter Back

Josh DicksonContributor ISeptember 8, 2008

With Week 1 of the NFL under wraps, I have decided to publish my Top 5 sleepers for each skill position for Fantasy Football.  I have played Fantasy Football for 7 years now and I have always found a sleeper or two each season.  Here are my Top 5 Sleepers for Quarterback:

1)      Matt Schaub (HOU) – Schaub enters the season as the starting QB for the Texans and looks to have a solid year.  In only 11 games, Schaub threw for over 2,200 yards and 9 TD’s with 9 INT ’s.  His completion percentage was 5th best in the NFL at 66.4% and his yards per attempt were 6thbest as well.  With a WR like Andre Johnson and a quality TE in Owen Daniels look for Schaub to have a 20+ TD season.

2)      Chad Pennington (MIA) – Chad had a lot of pressure on him in New York and was never really appreciated.  While only playing 9 games, Pennington threw for over 1,700 yards and 10 TD’s with 9 INT ’s.  He has looked very good thus far in pre-season and appears to be healthy.  He’s already been named the starter which should also help him relax and show what he can do.

3)      Kurt Warner (ARZ) – Warner isn’t getting any younger, but he still knows how to sling a football.  While he is still a little careless with the ball sometimes (17 INTs) he throws a lot of TD’s as well (27).  It appears that Leinart continues to struggle as there is a lot of whispers around the league that Warner will be the starter.  Warner is a guy to keep in your back pocket and could be huge during the Fantasy Playoffs.  In the final 8 games of the season, Warner threw more TD passes than anyone in the NFL.

4)      Jason Campbell (WAS) – With the addition of Devin Thomas and Malcolm Kelly to go along with Santana Moss and Chris Cooley, Washington could almost boast that they have the most talented receivers in the NFC.  Campbell threw for 2700 yards last year in 13 games and showed some real promise.  Now playing in Zorn’s new offense and having a healthy Clinton Portis, don’t be surprised if Jason Campbell is the biggest surprise in the NFL.

5)      Eli Manning (NYG) – I know its crazy to put the guy who just won Super Bowl MVP as a ‘sleeper’, but the label rings true.  Eli played magnificent toward the end of the season and throughout the Playoffs in leading his team to the Lombardi Trophy.  The fact that Eli flourished after Shockey went down with a season-ending injury is no coincidence.  Many sources said that Shockey would complain to Eli if he didn’t get enough looks thus causing Eli to force the issue rather than let the game come to him.  With a lot of confidence and no TE crying in the huddle, Eli should have a solid season.