Kansas City Chiefs: Close Out the Final Two Games With the Sea of Red

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Kansas City Chiefs: Close Out the Final Two Games With the Sea of Red
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I know we live in difficult economic times, compounded by the fact that it is Christmas morning as I write this.  Additionally, NFL football games are not inexpensive.

I live in New Jersey so there is not much I can do personally.  If I were in KC, I would beg, borrow or steal to make sure my son and I were there for both final games.

Chiefs fans, for good reason, have said there was no reason to give their hard earned money for the product the Chiefs were putting on the field for the last few years.  But now the Chiefs have done their part and given us a great team to stand behind.

I have been in Arrowhead many times, especially during the mid to late 1990s.  There was no question the fans had an effect on the game, and we all knew it.  In fact, so did the opposing team.  The Chiefs were virtually unbeatable at home.  Despite many very lean years, the Chiefs are still 101-52 all time in Arrowhead Stadium.

Every year I would fly in on Saturday, check into the hotel that overlooks the stadium and then head into KC form some serious steak, jazz and blues.  We would go to the Plaza and it seemed that everywhere we went, everyone was wearing their "colors".

Chiefs jackets, scarfs, hats, sweatshirts and anything else they could think of that was red and gold.

As I said, I live in NJ, about 50 miles from the Meadowlands and downtown Manhattan.

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You could go into Manhattan on Saturday night, find some serious steak, jazz and blues, but they could be having the Super Bowl the next day (which they will be in two years) and you wouldn't know it.

There are various reasons of course.  The next day, the Knicks could be playing in Madison Square Garden, the Nets playing in their new arena in Newark, the Islanders having a game, the Jets or Giants playing at the Meadowlands and maybe the Devils.

Also that day the Yankees might have signed Albert Pujols, Joe Mauer and Justin Verlander.  Then of course there would be the call in radio shows and articles about the Mets crying once again because the Phillies just added a fifth Cy Young Award winner to their pitching rotation.

As you know, Kansas City is much different than that. I'm not suggesting that the fans that pack these stadiums in the New York area are not passionate and knowledgeable, they are, believe me.

If you spread out from the NYC area for about a 25 mile radius there are close to 25 million people living in that space.  That spreads out that passion to many teams, players and sports.

The Kansas City fans are dedicated and loyal, making the atmosphere in Arrowhead unique and special.

The Chiefs will have a better chance of going to the playoffs if that stadium is jammed with the "Sea of Red".  If the fans that I knew stand on their feet when the Titans or Raiders have the ball and scream and pound, you can help will this team to victory.

Let's go Chiefs!

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