An Open Letter To Miami Dolphins Owner Stephen Ross

Danny DolphinAnalyst IDecember 24, 2010

MIAMI - DECEMBER 19:  Stephen Ross owner of the Miami Dolphins poses for a photo before his team plays against the Buffalo Bills at Sun Life Stadium on December 19, 2010 in Miami, Florida. The Bills defeated the Dolphins 17-14.  (Photo by Marc Serota/Getty Images)
Marc Serota/Getty Images

Dear Stephen,

Since you own 95 percent of the Miami Dolphins, you are the one who should hold everyone below you in this organization accountable. It’s your duty to this city to make this as entertaining of a product as possible.

So far you have failed.

After fourteen games of the 2010 NFL season your beloved team sits on the face of mediocrity at 7-7. Although there are 15 teams with better records, there are also 16 teams worse.

Of those 16 worse, I’m not sure there is a team that is less enjoyable to watch other than the Carolina Panthers. They don’t count.

It’s one thing to lose games, but another to lose the way your team is losing. There is not a more boring team in professional sports. Even when this team wins it’s ugly. Many say a win is a win, but I don’t buy that.

Miami’s offense ranks second to last with 17.2 points a game. They’ve scored 21 offensive touchdowns all season, and 24 total points over the last three home games. It’s gotten to the point where I feel bad for the defense.

We watch sports to be entertained, and not once this season has this team really entertained us. I get more excited watching a twenty minute episode of The Office than a Dolphins’ game.

It’s unacceptable to accept mediocrity. As a true Dolphins’ fan, I ask the following of you.

1. Hire a big name coach. We need a splash, something to shake it up. That means a a big hire like Bill Cowher or Jon Gruden. We need something to excite us. This fan base is very vulnerable right now and you must do something to keep us from drowning in our own vomit encrusted tears, brought about by the Dolphins offense.

2. Draft a quarterback in round one. Tony Sparano protects Chad “Checkdown” Henne because he has to. Put pressure on whoever’s coaching this team next year to roll the dice and draft a quarterback in round one. Go after a Cam Newton or Ryan Mallett. Even then, trade for an upgrade as a stopgap, such as Kyle Orton. He is no Michael Vick. But he’s also no Chad Henne. The last two quarterbacks Miami drafted were both second rounders. Both have failed.

3. Don’t let these final two games affect this coaching staff. This team has underachieved for too long. You sunk a ton of your money into big-time players on both sides of the ball last summer in Karlos Dansby and Brandon Marshall. You said it yourself, that this team had Super Bowl aspirations. They have failed, and that is already in stone. A win against Detroit and even New England and a 9-7 record is nothing to be proud of. Not this year.

4. Fire everyone sans Mike Nolan. If one goes, they all go, minus Nolan. The only coach you can make a solid argument for keeping is Nolan. He has done an outstanding job leading this defense. They are one of the league’s best. Jeff Ireland has been very so-so as a GM, especially on the offensive side of the ball. He voluntarily changed this offensive line, and it’s regressed in a big way.

5. Don’t sugarcoat anything. The last thing these fans want to hear is “this team is close”. Until Miami finds a great quarterback, they will never have a chance at winning a Super Bowl, let alone win the division. Not with Tom Brady in the AFC East. People appreciate the truth, even if it’s not good. This is something Tony “Everything’s great” Sparano has failed miserably at. When you you use the words “Henning”, “2010″ and “tremendous” in the same sentence, you lose all credibility for life.

6. Notice the orange on Sunday. I’m really going out on a limb saying there is NOBODY going to this Lions’ game this weekend, the day after Christmas, in what could be awful weather conditions. Take all those orange seats as a sign. People are not happy. It’s your job to change that.

Win or lose, football is a game. But it’s supposed to be fun! It should be fun to watch, fun to play, and fun to own.

Why else would you sink all that money into this organization? It’s obvious you care about this team doing well, and for that we are appreciative. Many fans cannot say the same about their owners, like the Marlins for instance.

The Dolphins are not something to be proud of right now. It’s time for you to change that.


A Dolphins fan