Andy Reid Puts Perfect Record Against Minnesota Vikings on the Line Tuesday

WesAnalyst IDecember 24, 2010

Andy Reid always won regardless of who played.
Andy Reid always won regardless of who played.Brian Bahr/Getty Images

Andy Reid has piled up some incredible stats during his 12-year career as the Philadelphia Eagles' head coach.

His 118 regular-season wins is one number that comes to mind. To put it in perspective, Reid's current win total puts him 55 wins ahead of Greasy Neale.

With a New York Giants loss against Green Bay or an Eagles win against Minnesota, he will rack up his sixth division title, which is pretty impressive considering Philadelphia won its division only six times before Reid took control.

As we know, Reid also has some not-so-good records.

His three consecutive losses in the NFC Championship Game come to mind. To make matters worse, two of those came at home.

Somewhere in between Reid has compiled other records that make you shrug your shoulders and say, "Ah, that's not nice."

Reid's 5-0 record against the Minnesota Vikings probably falls into that category even though it should be considered one of his more impressive accomplishments.

When you consider Philadelphia was only 7-11 all-time against Minnesota prior to Reid's arrival, you should begin to respect his undefeated mark.

After you look at how badly he beat some of the Minnesota teams and when he beat them, the shrug turns into a head-nodding, half-smile grin followed by, "Okay, it's better than I thought."

In the five meetings against the Vikings, Reid's teams never scored fewer than 23 points, and every win except one was a double-digit victory.

On the defensive side of the ball, Minnesota never scored more than 17 points against Philly even though they have had incredible offensive players such as Cris Carter, Randy Moss, Daunte Culpepper and Adrian Peterson.

Yes, a lot of the credit for that can fall to Jim Johnson. But how often do head coaches put their ego to the side and allow coordinators to run the show? Reid was smart enough to realize the talent he had in Johnson while he focused on the offense.

It all added up to an average score of 30.2 to 15.4.

To take it a step further, Reid has faced Minnesota twice in the playoffs and won both games, by scores of 27-14 and 26-14. Oddly enough, both wins occurred during a postseason when the Eagles reached the NFC Championship Game.

Reid will more than likely add to his dominance against the Vikings Tuesday night. Even though fans will not consider it a great win, they may start to appreciate what he has accomplished in his matchups against Minnesota.