NFL's 18 Game Season Will Put Players Lives at Risk

Daniel GoochAnalyst IDecember 23, 2010


It is a fact that the NFL is a hard game, and every player is at risk of being injured.

There is a list of players that stretches on for ever, and another list of injuries which is just as long.

However, the NFL seems to want to put the players at even more risk by adding an extra two games at the end of the season.

It is not an exaggeration when I say that the NFL is killing players faster. It is a fact that being a football player seriously damages your health and life expectancy. For the average player on the field, their life expectancy is cut by almost a third.

Yes, adding more games will bring in more money from ticket sales, refreshments, parking, and television rights.


More games also brings more injuries, more sidelined players, more early retirements and earlier deaths. The average American can expect to live to the slightly ripe old age of 75, wheres an NFL player can look forward to an early grave at the age of 55.

An incredible 273 players have been placed on the injured reserve list just for this season.


That's how many players have have had their career put in doubt. More games would push that number up to the 300 mark.

I have nothing against the sport in general, just the ideas that the big wigs think will make the sport better. In my eyes, the NFL is great, and an extra two games won't make it better for me.

I am not the health and safety police, but these statistics look bad, and would be even worse if the plans by the NFL are processed.

Players may live for the game, but after they stop playing, they may not live for much longer.