Tim Tebow: 10 Reasons He Will Stay and Kyle Orton Will Go After 2011

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Tim Tebow: 10 Reasons He Will Stay and Kyle Orton Will Go After 2011

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    On Sunday we saw the first glimpse of Tim Tebow starting in the National Football League for the struggling Denver Broncos.

    Tebow showed promise in the loss to the Oakland Raiders and is likely beginning a long tenure as the starting quarterback of the Broncos. However, veteran quarterback Kyle Orton is likely on his way out.

    Despite Orton posting 3,600-plus passing yards in 13 games, the struggling Broncos are willing to move on with Tebow at the helm.

    Here are 10 reasons why Tim Tebow will stay and Kyle Orton will go.


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Tim Tebow Was Drafted in the First Round for a Reason

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    In the first round of the 2010 NFL Draft, the Denver Broncos selected Tim Tebow with the intentions of him being their franchise quarterback.

    Though a lot of people disagreed with it, the Broncos will not be ready to give up on the young Tebow. He may be a project, but if we learned anything from his college days, it is that he has a lot of potential as he learns to be a hopefully successful quarterback in this league.

    Whoever is brought in as the new head coach will be ready to start his tenure there with Tebow as quarterback.

Kyle Orton's Value Is at Its Highest Heading into Offseason

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    Kyle Orton is having the best statistical season of his career. With Tim Tebow the hopeful franchise quarterback in waiting, the Broncos need to trade Orton now with his value being at its highest.

    With a handful of teams in need of a quarterback (Miami, Washington, Arizona, San Francisco), it is quite possible the Broncos can get a high draft pick or a solid player in return for Orton.

    Orton has done well for the Broncos in his short tenure, but it's time to move him for the highest price following his best season.

Whoever Becomes Next Head Coach Has Intentions of Making Tebow Successful

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    Here is what we know regarding the Broncos' head coaching opening. Whoever becomes the next head coach will have some interest in making Tim Tebow the quarterback of the future.

    The Broncos need to bolster the roster with young players, and it needs to start at the quarterback position.

    Tebow sat the majority of his rookie career learning from the veteran Orton and adjusting to how the NFL works.

    Though he has plenty of ways to go, Broncos owner Pat Bowlen wants to see Tebow out there in 2011 and hopefully in the future.

It's Unlikely Orton Will Stay Healthy As Long As He Did in 2010 Next Year

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    For the first 13 games of the season, Kyle Orton was healthy enough to be the starting quarterback.

    However, the injury bug hit him again in 2010, and he has lost his job to Tebow.

    Orton has always dealt with injuries since his days in Chicago, which should provide another reason why Denver should deal him to a team that is willing to give a decent package for the veteran quarterback.

The Fans Want Tim Tebow to Be the Starting Quarterback

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    Denver Broncos owner Pat Bowlen is a man who is connected to his Broncos fanbase and wants to make them happy.

    From the fans' perspective, starting Tim Tebow is the way to go. Bronco Nation is loving that Tebow is finally getting his opportunity at the end of this season and wants to see him perform in 2011 as well.

    Kyle Orton was appreciated by the fans for what he did early on, but now in what seems to be a rebuilding stage in Denver, the Broncos need to part ways with Orton.

Kyle Orton Wants to Be on a Winning Team at This Stage in His Career

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    Kyle Orton has showed during his time in Denver that he is a competitor and wants to carry a team to the playoffs.

    In Denver, he will not have an opportunity to do this as the starter of a rebuilding Broncos team.

    With multiple teams likely having interest in him, he should be glad he will leave Denver and likely join a team that is on the brink of making the playoffs next season.

The Majority of Denver's Locker Room Wants Tebow to Be the Quarterback

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    When Tim Tebow arrived in Denver, he was immediately a locker room favorite of all the players.

    However, now the players are ready to see Tim Tebow as the starter. They understand the direction the team is heading and that for now Tebow is the hopeful answer to their solution.

    Tebow has the determination to be a successful player in this league, as his leadership skills are already impressing the players and have won them over.

Kyle Orton Was Part of Josh McDaniels' Plan

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    Kyle Orton was a part of the plan while Josh McDaniels was in Denver. With McDaniels out, it's time for Orton to move on as well.

    A new quarterback was drafted to succeed Orton, who wasn't expected to be around much longer.

    Denver is thinking of a plan that does not involve McDaniels or Orton as the leaders of it.

With John Elway Expected to Join Front Office, He Wants Tebow as Quarterback

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    That picture above might have been a pretty sight months ago, but things are different now.

    Denver is entering a rebuilding stage, and John Elway is expected to join the front office with a major role in place.

    No quarterback has been able to fill the dreams of being the next franchise quarterback after Elway.

    With a young quarterback such as Tim Tebow in place, Elway is going to make sure he gets an opportunity.

Kyle Orton's 2010 Season Means He Can Earn One More Good Contract

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    Kyle Orton's fast start to the season resulted in a campaign where he finished with 3,600-plus yards in only 13 games started.

    Not only will he find a new home in 2011, but he is likely going to get a solid contract extension along with it.

    Orton didn't have the greatest opportunity at big contracts. Though it may not be as big as Donovan McNabb's extension given by the Redskins this year, Orton will be a richer man in 2011 with whichever team he ends up on.