NFL Playoff Picture: 15 Bold Predictions To End the 2010 Season

Kevin Roberts@BreakingKevinSenior Writer IDecember 22, 2010

Brady has another title in his sights.
Brady has another title in his sights.Elsa/Getty Images

One of the worst things as a writer is when you make a "bold" prediction and it blows up in your face. Oddly, almost as bad is when you make a prediction so ridiculous that even when you're right, you can't really stand proud and say, "oh, by the way, I called that".

But that doesn't stop any of us from making these insane "calls", does it? Nah, of course not.

With another week of NFL and fantasy football action upon us, here's a look at the final two weeks of the 2010 NFL season, highlighting Week 16, while taking a look at the final week of the regular season as we head into the NFL Playoffs.

List is in no particular order.

1. Brett Favre Will Play Again...This Year

I actually have a faint feeling he's not done overall just yet, but one 100 percent thing is that he's not done in 2010. I mean, what is Minnesota going to do, compete with Joe Webb? No, Leslie Frazier is smarter than that. He wants the job with the Vikes next year, and knows Favre is the best guy to help him get it. Favre may not play against the Eagles, but he'll end the season on the field, guaranteed.

2. Peyton Hillis Will Trounce the Ravens...Again.

He bulldozed Baltimore's "prominent" run defense the first time around for 144 yards and a touchdown, and he'll do it again. Maybe not 144, but it'll be a big game, as Cleveland controls the tempo at home and Hillis gets back to the form that had everyone screaming "White Rhino" and talking about Peyton Hillis Facts.

Oh, and by the way....

3. The Cleveland Browns Will Beat the Baltimore Ravens

I'm not saying I want it to happen. I'm not saying it should happen. I'm saying it's going to happen. Hillis and his monster game (oh, it's coming) aside, this is the game that may decide whether or not Eric Mangini returns in 2011. This will either be stacked on top of the other close losses, or it'll ensure his job is safe. He actually might get fired anyways, but something tells me the Ravens are going to lay an egg after surviving narrow victories the past few weeks.

4. Jimmy Clausen Will Have His Best Game as a Pro Against the Steelers

It's Thursday Night Football, no Troy Polamalu, and everyone knows Pittsburgh's bread and butter is stopping the run, and not the pass. Clausen looked better than awful last week, so there's hope. Not a lot of hope, but there's enough here for an equation to end with Clausen throwing two touchdowns in a game for the first time in his career. It might be after he's down by 40, but...

5. Jon Kitna Will Throw For 400+ Yards Against the Arizona Cardinals

Brett Favre did it, and I'm thinking the 38-year-old Kitna has at least two more awesome games left in him, which by the way, makes him an excellent start call in fantasy football this week. 

6. Mark Brunell Will Have to Play Meaningful Snaps Against the Chicago Bears

The Bears knocked Favre out of the game, and they'll do the same to Sanchez. Sanchez has been surviving off of luck and play-making weapons all season, and this will be the week he goes down with a big hit. Brunell will be awful, by the way.

7. Aaron Rodgers Will Return and Lead Green Bay to Two Wins and a Playoff Appearance

I can't hate on Rodgers anymore. The kid is amazing plus he has tons of weapons and a great offensive system. I think Mike McCarthy is a joke, but the Packers will reach the postseason once again almost solely because of this kid.

Which brings me to my second point...

8. The New York Giants Will Once Again Collapse

It'll start with Rodgers leading Green Bay to a win at home, and it'll end in Week 17 with the Giants falling to the Washington Redskins on the road. That doesn't seem too likely, but losing to the Panthers and Vikings to end the season last year didn't make much sense either. The Redskins are terrible, but after their second straight loss, the Giants will once again be deflated. Let the Bill Cowher rumors commence...

9. Danny Woodhead Will Rush For 100+ Yards Against the Bills

He is the perfect example of the "little engine that could", and while he proves it just about every week, he'll do it one more time against the Bills atrocious run defense. Look for the Patriots to give Tom Brady a bit of a break in Week 16 and ride the Law Firm and Woodhead to another win.

10. Chris Johnson Will Fail You in the Fantasy Football Playoffs

He's had a couple of stinkers already this year, and it's going to happen again. The Chiefs are very solid against the run, and with the division on the line and playing at home, they'll make sure to focus on stopping the electric CJ first. And they'll succeed.

11. Rex Grossman Will Have Another 300+ Yard and 4-Touchdown Game in Week 16

We never would have seen it coming last week, and very few will see it coming again. Love him or hate him, Grossman has the tools to be a very productive quarterback, at least when it comes to the numbers. He doesn't have great weapons, but when you're facing the Jaguars' inconsistent defense, you usually don't have to.

12. The Detroit Lions Will Get Yet Another Win

At the rate they're going you never would have known they just broke a 20-game losing streak to division rivals. After a nail-biting overtime win over the Buccaneers, this team is truly believing in themselves, while Miami just found out last week they're out of the playoffs after losing to the Bills. I doubt Dan Carpenter misses four field goals this week, though.

13. The San Francisco 49ers Will Beat the Rams in Week 16 and Proceed to Win the Division

Call me crazy, but I kinda, sorta, want to, have to believe in Alex Smith. I love what Sam Bradford is doing, and I like how the Rams hang in there for most games. But when it's all said and done, Smith is more experienced, and the 49ers still slightly have more talent on both sides of the ball. Despite trying to throw their season away about 10 times already, the 49ers are still in it, and they'll end up winning their division.

14. Tim Tebow is Going to Go Off in a Win

You thought you were impressed with Tebow in his starting debut? Wait until he gets a load of this terrible, deflated Texans defense. Tebow will get close to 100 yards rushing and 200 yards passing while notching his first career win. All the doubters can continue shaking their heads.

15. The Saints Will Quiet the Atlanta Hype

As good as the Falcons appear to be, they still have two close wins over a crumbling Buccaneers team, and beat the 49ers and Saints on field goals, and quite arguably, pure luck. The luck and buck stops here, as the Saints even the season series and remind everyone that they just won the Super Bowl last year.

16. The Wild Card: Tom Brady Will Win MVP

Michael Vick is a nice novelty act, and believe me, I love and respect what he's done. But Brady will finish with better passing numbers, more wins and will have played in more games. The edging of those three categories has to be enough for Brady and his mane to win the trophy.


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