NFL Picks Week 16: Aaron Rodgers and The Green Bay Packers Keys to Victory

James Evens@JamesEvensCorrespondent IDecember 22, 2010

NFL Picks Week 16: Aaron Rodgers and The Green Bay Packers Keys to Victory

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    The Green Bay Packers are coming off a tough 31-27 loss against the New England Patriots last Sunday without their star quarterback Aaron Rodgers.  The good news for the Packers is that Rodgers will be able to play this weekend when they meet up against the New York Giants in what is a must win for the Packers if they plan to make the post-season.

    After speculation as to whether or not Rodgers would be able to play this weekend, that is passed as it was announced that Rodgers was practicing and cleared to play on Sunday.

    Here are some keys to victory against the New York Giants.

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Stop Ahmad Bradshaw

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    Bradshaw has been a running machine this season.  He has ran for 1,182 yards for eight touchdowns on the season.

    Bradshaw is a downhill runner that has the ability to break a big play if not stopped at the line of scrimmage.  

    If the Packers wish to stop this Giants offense they will first need to stop Bradshaw.

Stop Brandon Jacobs

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    Jacobs is a very explosive running back.  He shares time with Bradshaw, and they might be the best running back duo in the entire league.

    Jacobs has ran for 727 yards on the season for eight touchdowns.  He is averaging just over 5 yards a carry and is truly a beast.  He can break open the field in a flash, having run for eight 20+ yard gains this season.

Establish Brandon Jackson Early

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    Brandon Jackson hasn't had a very good season.  He has only rushed for 645 yards and three touchdowns on the season.  

    It is important that the Packers establish the running game in this game to give Aaron Rodgers time to throw the ball.  If he can get going and make some plays it will really open up the passing game this week.

Protect Aaron Rodgers

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    Rodgers is coming off of his second concussion of the season.  It is very important to protect him in this game, or else it could mean losing him for the season, if not his career.  

    Concussions are a very dangerous thing, and stopping the tough defensive pressure that will be brought by the Giants will be important.  

    The Giants have knocked six quarterbacks out of games this season, and are looking for seven against the Packers.

Greg Jennings Must Have a Big Game

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    Greg Jennings is a difference maker for this offense. He is able to create plays and really make things happen.  Jennings only had four receptions for 30 yards in his last game.

    This prime-time receiver has got to step up and make plays in this one if they are going to win the game and make the playoffs. 

Pressure Eli Manning

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    The Packers need to get pressure on Eli Manning if they are going to be successful.  Manning has not had a good year, and has been proven to choke when under pressure.

    Forcing him out of the pocket and dropping him on the ground a few times would go a long way for the Packers.

Ensure Eli's Interception Problem Continues

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    Manning has had a horrible year with interceptions.  He has thrown 20 interceptions this season and hasn't shown signs of letting up.

    Although his touchdowns are still greater than his interceptions, it is still a big problem.

    If a few picks could made it would greatly benefit the Packers.

Win The Special Teams

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    Winning the special teams battle could be essential in this game.  Last weekend we saw how important special teams actually were, and this is no different.  We know that the Giants are struggling on special teams, and it would be great for the Packers to exploit that weakness.

Stop Hakeem Nicks

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    Nicks has had a great season so far receiving 956 yards this year for 10 touchdowns.  

    The Packers need to contain him if they are going to win this game.  Nicks is looking to break 1,000 yards receiving and this one, and it's important that the Packers do not let him.

Big Comeback By Aaron Rodgers

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    Rodgers needs to comeback strong if the Packers are going to win this game.  He is going to have to have a huge game.

    Rodgers has thrown for 3,289 yards this season for 23 touchdowns while only throwing 10 interceptions.  It's important for Rodgers to come out and have a strong day, or else the Packers playoff hopes could be over.