Denver Broncos' Brandon Lloyd: Helping Deliver for The Holidays

Michael D BanksContributor IDecember 22, 2010

You can't see me!
You can't see me!


Greetings Bleacher Report readers! My name is Michael D. Banks, a new contributor to the BR community. I thought I would begin with a piece initially posted on a site I contribute to presently as it just seems timely in terms of the season at hand.


At a time of year when most people are scurrying around trying to get things done on their own holiday agenda, it was good to run across someone helping others get their Holidays sorted out.

Though he is quick to remind opposing defenders that he is so good that "You can't see me!," (click right here for the origin of the "face wash" as some fans call it) Denver Broncos wide receiver Brandon Lloyd was easy to see today helping people make sure packages would make it on time to loved ones. Yes, the man who has been delivering for the Denver Broncos all season long was at the FedEx shipping location at first ave. and Wadsworth Blvd. in Lakewood today shipping packages and meeting overjoyed fans.

Joining him were two members of the Denver Broncos Cheerleaders and Broncos Mascot Miles.

There was no rush here. Both members of the Cheerleaders were beyond generous, signing multiple autographs for people, including a couple of young men who will be thrilled when they get theirs at Christmas.

As for Miles? Well he was the definition of both "fun" and "cool." I did my very best to capture what Miles was putting out there...but I am a mere man. How could I expect to keep up?

At a time where not much good news comes from Dove Valley or Invesco Field at Mile High, it was refreshing to see this being done.

When I was lucky enough to grab a quick word with Mr. Lloyd, this was the exchange:

Me: It's apropos that you are helping deliver for these folks, since you've been delivering all year man.

Brandon (wide smile): Thanks man, I appreciate that.

Me: I'm so happy to see you doing what you're doing here and on the field, especially after how they did you last year.

Brandon (wider smile): Oh man, me too! Thanks for the support man.

The lady who met him after me (my "Ma") was heard to have this exchange:

Ma: I love watching you 84! Hope to see 84 out there for along time.

Brandon: Me too. I hope so. Thank you so much, that means a lot.

In the face of both a trying season for his team and a tumultuous offseason ahead that sees his future in Denver uncertain due to the forthcoming franchise overhaul, he was a "pro's pro." He was approachable, lit up the lives of  ladies, men, children and man-child (me) alike with his humor, charm and graciousness.

Today saw Christmas presents containing wishes, dreams and hopes being sent on their way by the hands of a man whose own hands have brought joy and awe to Broncos fans all season. A season, not unlike the lives of many in our nation as a whole, with not much to cheer for this season.

Sheer joy. Laughter. Awe. Anyone who had a part in putting this together should feel exceptionally good about this, because it epitomized the true essence of the Holiday and Christmas season. And, oh by the way Brandon, all of us there today...we could see you just fine sir. Thank you again 84!