Say Goodbye To Brett: 10 Reasons Brett Favre Will Retire After The 2010 Season

Logan Rhoades@@LoganRhoadesContributor IIDecember 22, 2010

Say Goodbye To Brett: 10 Reasons Brett Favre Will Retire After The 2010 Season

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    It’s a tale as old as time. Will he or won’t he? That question is, of course, referring to the famous No. 4 and his future plans in the NFL. Will he retire or won’t he retire?

    After suffering a concussion in Monday nights game against the Chicago Bears, a battered and humbled Brett Favre addressed the media and made one thing clear: he will retire at the end of the year.

10. The Fans Want Him to Retire

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    Favre used to be hated because he was the best, but he is now hated because he keeps coming back when he shouldn't. He has made promises to the fans and cried in front of cameras, only to return and take it all back. 

    His antics off the field and performances on the field make front page news every week and the fans are tired of it. We want to hear about somebody else and we have made it known. 

    Many will criticize Favre for being selfish, but his latest press conference shows a humble and aware man that has realized his past mistakes. He knows we don't want him back and he is finally ready to honor that wish.

9. The Jenn Sterger Scandal

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    We've all seen the pictures and heard the voicemails, but what we haven't seen is the traditional Brett Favre. 

    His numbers this season are terrible (11 TD, 19 INT, 5 lost fumbles, 69.9 passer rating) and his head never seems to be in the right place. He has been uncharacteristically quiet during games and his smiles are seen about as often as his touchdown passes.

    We may never know what went down with Jenn Sterger (or up in his case), but we do know that it has severely affected him as a competitor.

8. Grandfathers Don't Play in The NFL

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    Between the Jenn Sterger scandal and his daughter giving birth last April, Brett has to step away from football and re-evaluate his family life.

    His wife, Deanna, has been his rock for years and has even helped him get clean and sober twice during their marriage. She is credited with keeping him on track and helping him get over the rough and low points in his life, so he will definitely want her by his side after the year he has been having.

    If he wants to be the grandfather that he insists he one day will be, then he will retire and become the family man that he has portrayed in the media for years.

7. He Is No Longer a Winning Quarterback

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    Sure, Brett has bursts of brilliance showing why he was once the leagues most valuable player, but those days are now behind him. 

    Last year, Brett had an exceptional season. Whether that was a fluke or a hint of what a true and healthy Favre plays like, it doesn't really matter because he will never be in the shape he once was.

    This season proved why players get high salaries, why general managers invest so much into kids coming out of college and why Brett Favre will never play again. Football is a high-impact sport and it feeds on the weak. 

    Every year, we get bigger, stronger and faster athletes entering the league. While they become the stars of the NFL, players like Brett Favre become their target. He is old, slow and prone to injury. And that makes him ineffective to be a starter for a team that revolves around the health and state of their quarterback. 

6. He Tried, He Failed and Now He's Done

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    In an attempt to explain why he played against the Bears, and perhaps even trying to convince himself a little bit, Brett let out a simple and poignant, "You gotta try sometimes."

    He may have been in a crowd of people and answering questions, but he was definitely not there for them. This post-game interview was for him and him alone. It was a therapeutic way to look back at his career and even though he struggled to find the right words, he finally admitted that he was still playing because sometimes, you just gotta try. 

    Favre tried to play with the young studs of the NFL, but in the end, he couldn't keep up.

5. He's Talking Like It's The End

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    When asked about the importance of playing in front of his fans, Brett took the opportunity to reflect on his career and gave us a little more insight into his world.

    "I'll say it again, it's been a great run. I think my stubbornness, hard-headedness and stupidity has enabled me to play for twenty years and play the way I've played. That's just the way I've always approached it... the way I play, and I wouldn't trade it for anything, so, it's been everything I thought it would be and then some."

    That certainly sounds like a man talking about the end of his career.

4. He Has The Records and Nothing Left to Prove

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    Brett Favre is a Hall of Fame quarterback. You cannot argue with that. He has tons of titles, awards and records and has played the game for two solid decades.

    Even though this last season with the Vikings was anything but impressive, he is still one of the top quarterbacks to ever play the game.

    One quick look at his Wikipedia page will remind you of all of the things he has accomplished in this league. It will also remind you why he has nothing more to play for. He has his rings, he has his MVP awards and he has his milestone achievements. 

    He didn't get to 300 starts, but now he never will, so his time in the NFL is done.

3. The Injuries Are Piling Up

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    Love him or hate him, Brett Favre is one tough cookie. However, it's obvious that his age coupled with the lingering effects of previous injuries has caused him to be a human punching bag.

    He no longer can slip n' slide out of the pocket or jump right up after getting slammed to the ground from a sack. A one-time stinger is now accompanied by drugs and rehab for this veteran, when it used to be cured by a simple hand-rub and grimace.

    He's beaten up and he knows it. His body can't take the hits that these 20-somethings are delivering at full-speed and he's sick and tired of spending time on the ground.

2. The Game Is No Longer Fun

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    During his post-game press conference, Brett admitted that he gets bored playing football. He went on to explain that if you do anything for a long period of time, it will eventually get boring. 

    This has to be a hard pill to swallow for Favre fans considering this is the sole reason he plays, besides the desire to break records.

    Brett is the quintessential kid trapped in a 40-year-old's body. Every so often we would catch a glimpse of the little kid, after a Hail Mary pass or a last-minute touchdown, but lately that little kid hasn't been around.

    Football used to be fun for Favre, but it is now more work than anything else. It's work to get back into game-ready shape and it's work to get up after a standard tackle. The aspects of the game Brett used to love have now become his worst enemy.

1. He Regrets Coming Back

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    When someone says that they don't regret anything, it usually means that they have regrets. The fact that he has to keep telling us this over and over again just reassures our suspicions that he regrets coming back this year. 

    The evidence was seen in his face during Monday night's presser. There were no tears, no promises—just a somber look and a serious tone, meaning he has come to grips with the end.

    A man with no regrets is a man looking at the end of his life. Football has been Brett's life for 20 years, but that is no longer the case. He's done.