NFL Rankings: The Worst 100-Yard Rushers Since 2000

Mike Walpole@@walpeezyContributor IDecember 21, 2010

NFL Rankings: The Worst 100-Yard Rushers Since 2000

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    While watching Monday Night Football at a local Bensalem, PA watering hole, I noticed on the bottom line that Maurice Morris ran for 109 yards on Sunday. Maurice Morris, the same guy I once went on record of calling the worst running back in the NFL. Appalled by this stat, I assumed he had to be the worst running back to run for over 100 yards in a game. Imagine my horror when I discovered it was his 2nd 100 yard game this season! And 7th of his career! Insert foot in mouth. Which brings us to where we currently sit, I did some research and came up with my list of the 10 worst players to ever rush for 100 yards in game since the 2000 season. Be prepared to cringe.

Honorable Mention: James Jackson

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    2001 Week 2 (24-14 W vs Detroit) - 31 carries, 124 yards

    James Jackson had a respectable pedigree when he entered the league in 2001. A 3rd round pick, he ran for over 1,000 yards and 11 TD's his senior season at Miami. His rookie season would be his best as he ran 554 yards and led the 7-9 Browns in rushing. His 1,082 yards is the most on this list, but what really gets him an honorable mention is how he managed to secure a starting job (10 starts in 11 games) while only averaging 2.8 yards per carry. Who gives a guy averaging just 2.8 yards a pop 195 carries?

Honorable Mention: Artose Pinner

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    2006 Week 14 (30-20 W @ Detroit) - 29 carries, 125 yards, 3 TD's

    How many of you started Artose Pinner this week in your fantasy league? If you did, your a fantasy god as it was his only start for Minnesota on the season. In his other 11 games played during the season, he ran for just 65

Honorable Mention: Maurice Hicks

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    2004 Week 14 (31-28 W @ Arizona) - 34 carries, 139 yards, 1 TD

    2005 Week 16 (24-20 W @ St. Louis) - 10 carries, 109 yards, 1 TD

    That's correct, Maurice Hicks hit the century mark twice in his career. So you may be asking yourself why he makes the list. Well, these two outbursts equal 248 or his 869 career yards. In other words, he accrued roughly 28.5% of his career total in 2 of his 66 career games.

10) LaBrandon Toefield

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    2005 Week 17 (40-13 W vs Tennessee) - 25 carries, 102 yards, 1 TD

    The 2005 Jags were already playoff bound when they decided to rest future Hall of Famer Fred Taylor for their Week 17 matchup. Toefield took full advantage and had the best game of his career. Unfortunately, it didn't spawn LBT any future gigs as in '06 and '07 combined, he'd rush for only 49 yards. He wrapped up his 5 year NFL career rushing for just 572 yards.

9) Kolby Smith

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    2007 Week 12 (17-20 L vs Oakland) - 31 carries, 150 yards, 2 TD's

    Another guy who maxed out his NFL career as a rookie, Kolby Smith started 6 games for the 2007 Kansas City Chiefs after starter Larry Johnson went down due to injury. Smith did nothing with the opportunity and was out of the league after a brief stint in 2009. He finished his career with only 540 yards on 162 carries for an abysmal 3.3 yards per carry.

8) Kenton Keith

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    2007 Week 5 (33-14 W vs Atlanta) - 28 carries, 121 yards, 2 TD's

    Kenton Keith came out of nowhere for the 2007 Indianapolis Colts. The undrafted back out of little New Mexico State not only made the squad, but had a pretty productive rookie campaign. Rushing 121 times for 533 yards was good for 4.4 yards a carry and second on the team. A team that finished 13-3 and atop the AFC. For one reason or another, Keith never played another down in the NFL after the season.

7) Wali Lundy

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    2006 Week 8 (22-28 L @ Tennessee) - 18 carries, 116 yards

    Like Keith, Lundy was one and done in his NFL career. As a 23 year old, Lundy started 8 games for the '06 Texans and ran for 476 yards on 124 carries (3.8 YPC). The young Texans improved from 2 to 6 wins and seemed to be on the rise. Unfortunately for Lundy, he was not in their plans.

6) James Mungro

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    2002 Week 10 (35-13 W @ Philadelphia) - 28 carries, 114 yards, 2 TD's

    What a homecoming it was for the East Stroudsburg, PA native. With Edge James out, Mungro returned to Philly and ran for a career game. On the season, James fantasy owners watched in horror has Mungro snaked 8 touchdowns from him during the 2002 season, though Mungy only finished the year with 336 yards. He'd stick around for another 3 seasons afterwards but finished his career with only 430 yards and a 3.2 YPC average.

5) Justin Watson

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    2000 Week 5 (57-31 W vs San Diego) - 14 carries, 102 yards, 1 TD

    I can fully admit that even as a self-proclaimed sports dork, I have never heard of Justin Watson. After doing my homework, I have come to discover he was the backup running back for The Greatest Show On Turf. Apparently during the Week 5 rout, they decided to rest Marshall Faulk and gave the 25 year old a chance to play. He'd attempt just 1 carry in 2001 and his career was over. He finished his career with 428 yards.

4) Dee Brown

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    2002 Week 13 (13-6 W @ Cleveland) - 27 carries, 122 yards

    A 6th round pick in 2001 out of Syracuse, Brown did not play his rookie season. Finally getting a start in '02, he made the most of it and carried the Panthers to a W. He finished his first year of action with 360 yards on the ground. Brown would be cut after the season and despite playing for 3 teams spanning the next 4 seasons, he only ran for 45 more yards, bringing his career total to just 405 yards.

3) DeShawn Wynn

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    2008 Week 17 (31-21 W vs Detroit) - 7 carries, 106 yards, 1 TD

    This is a quirky one. DeShawn Wynn was a 7th round pick out of Florida in 207 and finished with career highs of 50 carries for 203 yards in his rookie season. But that is NOT when he had this gem of a game. This game would occur in the 2008 season finale against the winless Detroit Lions. Coming into the game with just 1 carry for 4 yards on the entire season, Wynn would play a huge part in finishing off the hapless Lions' season with his only career 100+ yard game. He is also, believe it or not, still in the NFL.

2) Noah Herron

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    2006 Week 5 (20-23 L vs St. Louis) - 20 carries, 106 yards, 1 TD

    Coming over from the Steelers in 2005, Herron was never anything more than a reserve running back. That was until this game with Ahman Green on the shelf. Despite playing in every game during the '06 season, he would rush for only 44 yards in the other 15 games. He would be cut after the season and never surfaced again in the NFL. He finished his career with 273 career rushing yards.

1) Brock Forsey

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    2003 Week 13 (28-3 W vs Arizona) - 27 carries, 134 yards, 1 TD

    No people, your eyes are not playing tricks on you. Brock Forsey is white. With the A-Train out of action, the Bears turned to the Great White Hope, a 6th round rookie out of Boise State. During his senior year with the Smurfs, Forsey ran for 1,611 yards and 26 TD's (catching another 6) which caught the eye of Chiacgo and collectively brought a tear to every white kid's eye. Despite the incredible game, he would inexplicably only get 3 more carries the rest of the season. The Dolphins gave him a chance in 2004 and he performed miserably. He finished his career with 69 carries for 244 yards. If your doing the math at home, that would mean this one game accounted for roughly 40% of his career carries and 55% of his career yards. So long Brock, we all miss you.


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    So what have we learned today? Well for starters, Maurice Morris isn't as bad as I thought he was. And also, it really doesn't take much skill to rush for 100 yards in an NFL game. So believe, all you non-believers, because your shot at making this list is only a starting running back injury away! I'm looking at you Keith Toston..