Bill Cowher: 10 Reasons Why He Can Turn Around Any NFL Franchise

Todd Boldizsar@@toddboldizsarAnalyst IDecember 21, 2010

Bill Cowher: 10 Reasons Why He Can Turn Around Any NFL Franchise

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    If you follow the NFL, you have undoubtedly heard the new rumors surrounding former Steelers Head Coach Bill Cowher and his seemingly pending return to the league.

    There seems to be a few suitors in waiting for the CBS-TV analyst, and he has reportedly mentioned three favorites. The New York Giants, Miami Dolphins and Houston Texans were named by ESPN to be the front-runners.

    However, it is quite likely that Cowher could help out any team, and his Super Bowl XL victory and two AFC Championships back him up. Here are reasons why Cowher is a catch in the upcoming free agent coaching market.

10. He Knows Competition

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    Cowher is a former player in the NFL and knows the ins and outs of a rigorous season. His knowledge of his opponents surpasses the average coach.

    He played his college ball at N.C. State, one of many schools in North Carolina steeped in tradition and full of intrastate rivalries.

    When he got to the NFL, he knew how to win. Studying under Marty Schottenheimer with the Cleveland Browns, Cowher learned how compete and how to figure out opponents.

9. He Provides Structure

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    Cowher has built a reputation for commanding respect from players and other coaches. His M.O. is a tough guy, with ways to turn around college athlete mentalities.

    These days, the NFL has a lot of athletes playing for themselves in a type of self-marketing mix. Cowher could bring back the meaning of "team" while turning NFL show-boaters into team players.

8. Cowher Still Understands the League

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    The former Steelers Head Coach isn't far removed from coaching and is still very involved in the league. While holding a position for CBS, Cowher must study the league and all of its teams.

    While studying as a analyst, Cowher has small insights most coaches wouldn't see. That extra knowledge could prove invaluable to a team looking to climb to the top of the league or get out of the cellar in the near future.

7. Coaching Positions Need To Be Filled, and Cowher Is a Serious Upgrade

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    The approaching offseason will provide plenty of spaces, given that many teams have fallen from the ranks this season, while only a few teams are elite.

    Cowher took the Steelers to immediate new heights when he took over in 1992. After Pittsburgh finished 7-9 the year before, they finished 11-5 the very next season and gained home field advantage. The Steelers had missed the playoffs six of the last seven seasons.

6. Cowher Brings a Different Style of Play to Most Teams

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    Cowher has an outline for success. He knows what vital pieces are necessary for accomplishment. While at the helm with the Steelers, he brought in pieces like Kordell Stewart, Jerome Bettis, Yancy Thigpen and Rod Woodson.

    If a team were to bring him in, it may attract big name players as well.

5. Enemies Fear the Mustache!

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    Just seeing if you were still paying attention...Seriously though, mustaches are intimidating. Carl Pavano, Brian Wilson (Later it became the beard), and Will Ferrell.

4. He Has Longevity

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    Over 15 years with the Steelers, Cowher compiled a record of 161-99-1 including playoff games. That kind of tenure is a trademark of a successful coach.

3. He Has Motivation

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    When Cowher announced his retirement from coaching in January, 2007, he cited the desire to be with his family.

    However, after his wife's tragic death from skin cancer in July of this year, Cowher may be attempting to focus his attention back to sports. In tragic times like these, football can be a solid medicine.

2. Cowher Can Still Relate to Players

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    The failure of many coaches has come at the hands of communication problems. So many coaches in today's game have failed to relate to players from many different backgrounds, ethnicities and lifestyles.

    In his years with the Steelers, Cowher fielded a tremendous array of talents from all over the globe. With players in the upcoming draft representing different backgrounds and nations, Cowher could balance them all.

1. A Prediction of Sorts...

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    If Cowher takes over a new NFL team, they will turn around in less than two seasons. Cowher knows football, and the league needs him in this era. Good luck to Bill Cowher. The 2011 season may be even more exciting!