Bill Cowher: 10 Teams (College and Pro) That Need the Fiery Head Coach

Adam Spencer@AdamSpencer4Correspondent IDecember 20, 2010

Bill Cowher: 10 Teams (College and Pro) That Need the Fiery Head Coach

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    Bill Cowher will be one of the NFL's hottest coaching commodities during this upcoming offseason. But in addition to the NFL, he'll be getting some serious interest from some major college programs, possibly even one Big Ten powerhouse.

    Cowher has been in the CBS studio for NFL games the past couple years as he spends time with his family. But this offseason may be the perfect time for him to get back to doing what he was put on this Earth to do.

    Wherever he decides to go, he'll definitely have some choices. He can choose to stay close to his North Carolina home or go to a big-name program that already has the pieces needed to make the playoffs immediately.

    So where will the feisty head coach end up? Here's a look at 10 teams who should take a shot at getting Cowher on their sidelines, along with their odds of actually getting him.

10. Green Bay Packers

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    See how the referee is handing the red challenge flag back to Cowher? That means Cowher actually threw it on the field to challenge a play.

    That's something current Packer coach Mike McCarthy could learn from. McCarthy frustratingly seems to never challenge the right plays, and it has cost the Packers dearly this season.

    Along with McCarthy's general inability to win close games, he deserves to be fired and replaced by a head coach like Cowher.

    Unfortunately, general manager Ted Thompson will keep McCarthy around as long as he can.

    Odds of getting Cower: 1,000 to 1

9. Dallas Cowboys

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    The Cowboys need a disciplinarian coach to come in and manage the many inflated egos on the team.

    Dallas acted like a bunch of pampered superstars who felt they would win every week whether or not they gave their best effort.

    Cowher would put an end to that in a hurry, and if anyone didn't get on board, he'd get them out of town.

    Unfortunately, owner Jerry Jones would never hire a coach that might steal some of his thunder.

    Odds of getting Cowher: 999 to 1

8. Pitt Panthers

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    It'd be interesting to see Cowher return to Pittsburgh to be the head coach of a football team.

    The Panthers recently hired Mike Haywood, the former Miami (OH) head coach, so it appears very unlikely that Cowher will be offered that job.

    It would have been interesting though.

    Odds of getting Cowher: N/A

7. Florida Gators

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    The Gators displayed a noticeable lack of discipline off the field during the Urban Meyer era.

    Several Gators were arrested for a variety of incidents ranging from drunk driving to stalking.

    Cowher wouldn't stand for that from his team. He'd make sure his players were disciplined both on and off the field.

    However, as with Pitt, Florida has filled its head coaching position. They hired former Texas defensive coordinator Will Muschamp to lead their team.

    Odds of getting Cowher: N/A

6. Michigan Wolverines

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    Here's our first college team with an actual chance of landing Cowher.

    The Wolverines are coming off another disappointing season, considering they started out the season playing so well and looking like they had a chance at the Big Ten title.

    Then the wheels fell off, and they lost five of their last seven games.

    Rich Rodriguez cried during the team banquet, saying he wants to be a Michigan man.

    We'll see if he gets his wish or if he's fired after the bowl game.

    Odds of getting Cowher: 500 to 1

5. Cincinnati Bengals

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    There's no way Marvin Lewis keeps his job after the way the Bengals have played this season.

    Despite a win over the Cleveland Browns on Sunday, Cincinnati is 3-11 and probably shouldn't even have that many wins.

    They can't fire all their players, so Lewis is likely to get the pink slip this offseason.

    Unfortunately for the Bengals, Cincinnati likely won't be very appealing to Cowher, and he should have better options.

    Odds of getting Cowher: 400 to 1

4. Maryland Terrapins

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    Maryland has fired head coach Ralph Friedgen. Reports are saying that former Texas Tech coach Mike Leach is the front runner for the job.

    But Cowher at least deserves to be called about the job.

    Though it probably isn't high-profile enough for him, it's close to his North Carolina home.

    Odds of getting Cowher: 300 to 1

3. Washington Redskins

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    Mike Shanahan appears to have lost his mind. None of his coaching decisions have made any sense this year, from switching from a 4-3 to a 3-4 to messing with Donovan McNabb's confidence.

    If anyone deserves blame for the mess in Washington this season, it's Shanahan.

    Cowher would come into D.C. and straighten things out. He'd be up front and honest with his players and let them know when they were doing something wrong.

    He wouldn't play the mind games Shanahan has been playing this year, and that would really help this team.

    But we'll see if Dan Snyder actually fires his new head coach.

    Odds of getting Cowher: 100 to 1

2. San Francisco 49ers

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    The Mike Singletary experiment worked for a while in San Francisco. However, this year the team has fallen apart.

    Singletary is unlikely to keep his job.

    The problem has been a lack of accountability. Singletary has often shifted blame away from himself whenever the 49ers lose.

    Cowher wouldn't do that. He'd take all the blame on himself and take pressure off his players.

    He'd be a coach who players would love to play for.

    Odds of getting Cowher: 50 to 1

1. Carolina Panthers

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    The Panthers will probably end up with the first pick in the NFL draft this offseason. They'll also probably have a head coaching vacancy once John Fox either resigns or is fired.

    Despite their record, the Panthers aren't in bad shape. They really just need a decent quarterback in order to return to being competitive.

    They have plenty of weapons on the offensive side of the ball, and their defense is decent.

    This job would probably appeal to Cowher the most since the Panthers are located in North Carolina. If a job like the New York Giants or Green Bay Packers or Dallas Cowboys doesn't become available (which I don't think it will), Cowher will likely be the next head coach of the Carolina Panthers.

    Odds of getting Cowher: 5 to 1