Bill Cowher: Are Miami Dolphins a Good Fit?

Tom EdringtonSenior Writer IDecember 20, 2010

Bill Cowher simply doesn't fit Miami's current needs.
Bill Cowher simply doesn't fit Miami's current needs.Kevin Cox/Getty Images

Bill Cowher is whispering, says he has a short list of teams he'd consider coaching.

Sounds like he's getting the itch again, doesn't it? Or perhaps it's that $6 million or so that he'll demand from some willing NFL owner.

Ah yes, the dreaded "short list." Or is that a "wish list?"

Cowher's list reads: Miami Dolphins, New York Giants and Houston Texans.

After Sunday's games, the Giants could be open and certainly the Texans. But what about Miami, and is Cowher anywhere near a good fit for the Dolphins?

Right now the Dolphin Dilemma is offense, not defense. Cowher's a defense guy.

Miami has a lousy kicker and not much in the quarterback department. So does that warrant dumping Tony Sparano and investing a small fortune on Bill Cowher?

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The Dolphins are 7-7, 1-7 at home, but their problems don't look so serious that owner Stephen Ross would want to fork out the payola for The Chin.

Keep in mind that Bill Parcells is still looking over everyone's shoulder in Miami. He's not there, but then again, he is. Would Ross get rid of Dolphin GM Jeff Ireland? That's another question, but the way things sit in Miami right now, offensive coordinator Dan Henning is more on the hot seat than Sparano.

Which means the Dolphins aren't a fit because there's nothing to fit.

Cowher's ideal situation is a team that has defensive needs rather than offensive malfunctions.

For a long time Cowher was deemed the next guy in with the Carolina Panthers, but look for the Panthers to take a cue from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and go with a young guy who's easy on the payroll.

So even if Ross has a postseason huddle with Parcells, and you know he would before making any drastic decisions, it's a stretch to think that The Tuna would give the nod to Cowher.

It's just not the right fit, and more importantly, it's not time yet.