Next Week Represents a True Measuring Stick for Resurgent Detroit Lions

Tom MaysContributor IDecember 19, 2010

MEGATRON!J. Meric/Getty Images

Today the Detroit Lions performance against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers represented more than just our latest Detroit Lions team overcoming a record setting NFL and franchise losing streak...

  • It was more than a road win against another team with a winning record. 
  • It was more than a gutsy performance by a number of players who were castoff from their original teams, but who have found a new home at Ford Field.
  • It was more than one more opportunity for a hometown collegiate hero and third string quarterback (who only weeks ago was on his last leg) to prove his value and his worth as a real NFL backup.
  • It was more than an opportunity for a number of long term veterans to quite literally breathe the long savored scent of victory, the scent of a road victory, once a familiar scent for most of these athletes and one that was almost, but not quite forgotten... 

On December 19, 2010, we all may have witnessed the birth of a newly resurgent team—a team that appears to be seeking how to differentiate itself from its past...A team looking to be something special!


Remember, there is another game against another team with a winning record just around the corner next week.  It is in this game, against Miami, that Detroit will prove to Lions fans everywhere just what this team, and these Lions have in store for all of us over the next several years.

Having watched these Lions for many years, I am used to fleeting moments of glory.  The head scratching performances that, like today, tell us that a winning season is surely on the horizon.  Games that have been routinely followed up only one week later with a devastating loss—a loss which only serves to dash our earlier optimism.  

You see, the Detroit Lions teams over the years have had the same problem that their very loyal fan base displays.  Like their fans, they tend to get all caught up in last week's news without properly respecting, properly preparing for and properly motivating themselves to provide their absolute best.  It is for that reason that I truly believe that this week's Miami Dolphins game is the latest measuring stick in the progress of this franchise.  

Later this week I'll be back to tell you exactly how the Detroit Lions will defeat the Miami Dolphins.  You see, I believe that this team, unlike its predecessors, has the mettle, the right character, the right drive and the right determination to move ahead! 

For now—Congratulations to Lions faithful everywhere. To the Lions Players—Enjoy the fruits of victory today... 

Tomorrow, please show your respect for this opponent by getting properly prepared.  Please show your mettle by getting properly motivated.  Please show your drive and your determination, like you did today on the TB goal line, and be prepared to keep on winning!