Tim Tebow: Is Kyle Orton in Danger Of Losing His Starting Role?

Nathaniel UyFeatured ColumnistDecember 19, 2010

Tim Tebow: Is Kyle Orton in Danger Of Losing His Starting Role?

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    It's Tim Tebow time in Denver! 

    With the rookie quarterback slated to earn his first ever NFL start, there's plenty of excitement in the Mile High city and beyond!

    Kyle Orton's injured ribs and sore arm will keep him out of the starting lineup today.  But this recent injury setback just may end up costing him his job as starting quarterback.

    Now that the Denver Broncos should be looking into helping the team improve for the future, it may be out with the old (Orton) and in with the new (Tebow).

    Is Orton in danger of losing his starting job?  Let's break it down.

5. No, This is Only Temporary; Orton Will Be Back

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    There are only two weeks left in the season.  Orton is the guy that the Broncos believe in enough to reward him with a $9 million contract extension before the season started.

    Orton's been the bright spot of this stagnant Broncos offense.  Once he gets his rest this week, we should expect him to be back throwing the football.

5. Yes, Tebow Can Help Inject New Life Into the Struggling Team

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    This team is desperate to inject new life into their sagging offense.  They could seriously use a boost. 

    Kyle Orton is missing this week's game against the Oakland Raiders with what's being classified as a "sore" arm.  The most logical conclusion we can come up with is that he's worked his arm off this season. 

    Yes, the Broncos as a team are tired and deflated.  As expected, if the guy taking snaps behind center is fatigued the entire team will continue to sag. 

    This is the best time to put in Tebow because his teammates will feed off of his energy and possibly be rejuvenated enough to salvage some wins at the end of the year.

    If Tebow does provide that spark in Week 15, Orton could be relegated to the bench.

4. No, Orton is the Team's Quarterback of Choice

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    Time and time again the topic of starting Tebow over Orton has been touched on by fans and media.

    But since taking over the interim head coach position, Eric Studesville has dispelled any rumors of a quarterback controversy by backing up his starter Orton.

    In fact, there's rumors swirling around that Orton was backed by others in the franchise even after Josh McDaniels wanted to stir up the quarterback position by drafting Tebow and trading for Brady Quinn.

4. Yes, That Doesn't Mean the Broncos Can't Change Their Mind

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    Sitting Orton for a game could give Tebow the chance of a lifetime.

    Just because the Broncos backed Orton in the offseason, signed him to a contract extension and gave him the support of Eric Studesville, doesn't mean the team can't have a change of heart.

    One look at Tebow successfully playing well against the Raiders may do irreparable damage to Orton's career as a Bronco.

3. No, Orton Is the Best Passer They Have on the Team

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    This goes without being said, but everyone knows that Orton is hands-down the best passer that the Broncos have on this football team.

    It is for that reason that Josh McDaniels just could not justify playing any of his offseason quarterback acquisitions over Orton.

    In two season with the Broncos, Orton has racked up impressive passing yards—3,802 yards last season and 3,653 yards so far this year.

    Those are numbers that simply can't be expected from anyone else on the Broncos' roster.

3. Yes, But Orton Is Not the Same Kind of Playmaker Tebow Is

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    Orton may be a prolific passer,but that's simply not Tim Tebow's game.

    He's a mobile quarterback who has the ability to thrive in games because of his knack for making plays.

    Tebow's running skills are able to give the team someone aside from Knowshon Moreno that will keep defenses on their toes.

    Tebow has the same electric style of play that pumps up teammates and fans.  If Tebow gets rolling today, Orton better watch out.

2. No, With Josh McDaniels Gone He Need Not Worry

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    There's no bigger Tebow fan than former head coach McDaniels.

    In fact, McDaniels was the guy that was so enamored with Tebow's potential that he traded three draft picks to acquire the former Florida Gator star.

    Now that McDaniels is gone, Orton should no longer be concerned about losing his starting position. Had McDaniels not been fired, there's a big chance he would have already pulled the plug on Orton's starting gig.

2. Yes, Tebow's a Much Better Influence for the Team

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    Going back to the preseason, there were concerns about Orton's work ethic during the offseason.

    Tebow's a guy that has impressed scouts and coaches with his willingness to learn and work hard all the time.  Although he may not have the arm that Orton has, Tebow does have athleticism and excellent conditioning.

    When in a game, he's capable of inspiring his teammates with his gamer mentality and willingness to do whatever it takes to win.

1. No, Orton Gives Denver the Best Chance to Win

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    With an excellent grasp of the Broncos' pass-oriented offense and a strong throwing arm, Orton has to be the guy that the team goes with simply because he gives the team a chance to win games.

    Orton got the nod as the starter because of what the team perceived to be a much more advanced knowledge of their offense than any of the other quarterbacks. Add to that his somewhat successful first season as a Bronco and there was enough evidence there to earn the team's trust.

1. Yes, Tebow Gives Denver a Chance to Sellout Their Stadium

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    "I don't need love," Orton once told ESPN about his lack of popularity in Denver. "I just need wins."

    With the season nearly wrapped up, Orton has not been able to surpass Tebow in jersey sales, nor has he been able to lead the team to wins.

    The three wins he has under his belt this season are nothing to be proud of.

    At this point, Denver can try to build up excitement among their fans with Tebow starting, or let them suffer through a miserable season with a quarterback they don't even like.

Conclusion: Orton Should Be Concerned

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    Tim is more likeable, lovable and a much bigger star than Orton.

    Take a look on the Internet by browsing Twitter and you can immediately figure out who's more popular.  Tebow (@TimTebow) has over 70,000 followers, while Orton doesn't even have a Twitter account. 

    The truth is McDaniels wanted to get rid of Orton before the season even started.  But Orton's arm and strong promising preseason play caused him to change his mind. 

    However, when you play quarterback for a professional team, you can't just be a gifted passer.  You need to have certain intangibles and find ways to lead your team to wins. 

    In his first season, Orton's statistical numbers were impressive and many simply ignored the team's win-loss record.  Now in year two, Orton has kept on throwing but has somewhat exposed himself as a guy that can't lead his team to wins. 

    We know that Tebow was quite the leader in college and he has the potential to earn the respect of his teammates, even at the professional level.  Moreover, he has already shown more heart in limited minutes with the Broncos.

    It's time the Broncos started looking into their future and let Tebow play. 

    Yes, Orton definitely needs to be concerned.