Week 15 Fantasy Football Breakdown: Kansas City Chiefs at St. Louis Rams

Jeremy AlpertSenior Analyst IIDecember 18, 2010

Week 15 Match-up:  Kansas City Chiefs (8-5) at St. Louis Rams (6-7)

Rankings based on top 16 QBs, 32 RBs, 48 WRs and 16 TEs

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Kansas City Chiefs (Chiefs Schedule)

Opponent Defensive Ranks

St. Louis Pass Defense – 2010: Yards Allowed/Game 21st - TDs Allowed T-13th

St. Louis Rush Defense – 2010: Yards Allowed/Game 12th – TDs Allowed T-3rd


Kansas City Offensive Cast


Matt Cassel (QB Week 15 Ranking: Not ranked)

2010 Season: 212/354 – for 2,503 yards & 23 TDs

It looks like Cassel will be returning this week despite his "questionable" tag, but the Chiefs probably won’t push him too hard this game.  Hold off playing him until at least next week.


Brodie Croyle (QB Week 15 Ranking: Not ranked)

2010 Season: 7/17 – for 40 yards & 0 TDs

Croyle showed how good of a QB he is last week, which is to say, not very.


Jamaal Charles (RB Week 15 Ranking: No. 8)

2010 Season: 192 carries for 1,177 yards & three TDs || 36 receptions for 388 yards & one TD

The Ostrich is the only running back in the Top 10 rushers this season to have fewer than 200 carries so far (192), and though the fact that he’s third in the league in rushing is astounding, his average of 6.1 yards/carry is even more insane.  Expect at least 20 touches against the Rams this Sunday, which should be all he needs to make his fantasy owners happy.


Thomas Jones (RB Week 15 Ranking: Not ranked)

2010 Season: 190 carries for 766 yards & five TDs || 12 receptions for 108 yards & 0 TDs

Jones just isn’t getting enough touches anymore to do any damage.  Unless Charles gets injured, Jones will be useless for the remainder of the season.


Dwayne Bowe (WR Week 15 Ranking: No. 14)

2010 Season: 59 receptions for 888 yards & 14 TDs

The fantasy-team killer struck again last weekend as Bowe was held to just one catch and three yards against the Chargers.  The good thing heading into Week 15 is that he won’t have to face this week what he’s come up against the past two Sundays.  Two weeks ago it was perennial All-Pro Champ Bailey on him, while last week it was the top ranked pass D in the league he had to deal with.  The Rams won’t be able to throw either of them at Bowe.


Chris Chambers (WR Week 15 Ranking: Not ranked)

2010 Season: 14 receptions for 132 yards & one TD

You’re almost as likely to see Chambers go without a catch in the game (five times this season) as you do with (eight times).


Dexter McCluster (WR Week 15 Ranking: Not ranked)

2010 Season: 17 receptions for 172 yards & one TD

McCluster is an electric piece for the future, but his fantasy value at this point is nil.


Tony Moeaki (TE Week 15 Ranking: Not ranked)

2010 Season: 38 receptions for 451 yards & three TDs

Moeaki is a good young player, but you’ll want to hold off using him until next year.


St. Louis Rams (Rams Schedule)

Opponent Defensive Ranks

Kansas City Pass Defense – 2010: Yards Allowed/Game 22nd - TDs Allowed T-16th

Kansas City Rush Defense – 2010: Yards Allowed/Game 15th – TDs Allowed T-10th


St. Louis Offensive Cast


Sam Bradford (QB Week 15 Ranking: Not ranked)

2010 Season: 286/474 – for 2,884 yards & 17 TDs

If you had Rodgers and/or McNabb on your team and are in desperate need for a serviceable QB, Bradford could do the trick.  Otherwise, he’s just not playing well enough right now to consider.


Steven Jackson (RB Week 15 Ranking: No. 12)

2010 Season: 276 carries for 1,081 yards & four TDs || 34 receptions for 288 yards & 0 TDs

The Beast went over 1,000 yards on the season last week for the sixth straight time in his career a feat not many running backs can lay claim to.  The Chiefs rush D is right in the middle of the pack, so with Sam ‘The Ram’ Bradford struggling a bit as of late, I expect a good 25-plus carries en route to a nice game out of the big fella this Sunday.


Brandon Gibson (WR Week 15 Ranking: No. 37)

2010 Season: 44 receptions for 492 yards & two TDs

Bradford has gone through a bit of a rookie dry spell the last couple of weeks, but he’s too good to be held down for long.  Gibson has been his main man lately leading the team in both catches and targets the last two games, so if Sam the Ram does happen to break out of his mini-slump, Gibson could be in for a nice little game.


Danny Amendola (WR Week 15 Ranking: Not ranked)

2010 Season: 68 receptions for 567 yards & three TDs

Amendola is still a little too inconsistent to think about playing on your fantasy team, especially during a playoff week.


Danario Alexander (WR Week 15 Ranking: Not ranked)

2010 Season: 11 receptions for 193 yards & one TD

Alexander has some real nice potential for the future with Sam Bradford as his QB, but like Amendola, you just can’t play him during the playoffs.


Laurent Robinson (WR Week 15 Ranking: Not ranked)

2010 Season: 27 receptions for 297 yards & one TD

There are just too many receivers on this team for Laurent to sneak into fantasy lineups.


Daniel Fells (TE Week 15 Ranking: Not ranked)

2010 Season: 31 receptions for 277 yards & two TDs

He looks to be pretty good, but he’s hardly worth playing at this point.