Hope, Tulloch, and Gage, Just a Few Titans On Thier Way Out Of Tennessee

Chase SummersCorrespondent IJanuary 21, 2011

Hope, Tulloch, and Gage, Just a Few Titans On Thier Way Out Of Tennessee

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    Obviously this was not what Titans fans expected. 6-10, Vince Young gone, Chris Johnson almost not making the Pro Bowl. Joining Vince on his exodus out of the Volunteer State will be Jim Washburn, one of the best assistant coaches in the business.

    These two are not the only Titans that will be gone. Jeff Fisher is desperate for wins and will make changes he thinks will get him those wins.

    Whether they are too old, a bad fit, or just not performing the way they need to these five guys will not be back on the Titans in 2011.

Vince Young

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    Ah Vince Young. The biggest draft mistake in Titans history. Sure he had his moments, but he never lived up to the hype of the No. 3 pick.

    His biggest issue was with maturity. He had multiple incidents where he acted in a way not befitting of an NFL quarterback including an incident where he cussed out his coach after a loss.

    The saddest part of this whole situation was the improvement he was showing without the injuries VY might have thrown for 20 touchdowns this year. He was also on pace to have a passer rating over 100.

    But despite the talent he never worked hard Or earned the respect of his teammates.

    Close, but no cigar Vince. your best buddy Bud Adams has said he will release or trade you. Good luck VY, your going to need it.

Stephen Tulloch

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    When it comes to run defense, Stephen Tulloch is one of the best. Unfortunately when it comes to pass defense he is one of the worst.

    Despite being the second leading tackler in the NFL, Tulloch had trouble covering tight ends and it was apparent. He and Chris Hope, who also makes this list, could not seem to keep anyone from breaking free for first downs and touchdowns. This led to the Titans being one of the worst teams in the NFL at covering tight ends.

    Why many may disagree with me I feel that the Titans need to focus on pass defense as their run defense was not all that bad and could survive the loss of Tulloch, but the pass defense desperately needs a good coverage man for improvement to be made. 

    This one hurts I love Tulloch, but it's in the best interest of the team to say so long.

Chris Hope

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    Chris Hope has been a good player for Tennessee. In his career as a Titan he has 15 interceptions and went to a Pro Bowl. Sadly this year he was awful. He had one interception all year and that came Week 1 against Oakland. The rest of the year he spent getting burnt by tight ends, wide recovers, and running backs.

    Honestly he seemed slow and incapable at covering anyone. The best example of this was when the Titans played the Eagles. Kevin Kolb under-threw a ball that Hope though for sure would be a pick. He stood waiting for the ball arrive like a punt returner waiting for a punt. Just as the ball arrived rookie receiver Riley Cooper jumped in front of hope and snatched away the ball. Hope managed to drag him down, but he was already inside the five yard line. The Eagles scored on the next play and won the game. Sadly things like this happened to Hope a lot this year.

    His age has caught up to him and it is time to release him.

Randy Moss and Justin Gage

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    The Titans this year had the best wide recording core they have had since the days of Kevin Dyson and Derrick Mason. That being said, Justin Gage was not the reason why and neither was Moss.

    Let's start with Gage. Gage has played four years with the Titans two as the No. 1 receiver. While he has been solid at times he has never really stepped his game up to the level needed.

    This is not his fault.

    Gage is a third-string receiver at best and injuries and age have slowed him down. It is time for him to make room for younger guys like Damian Williams and Marc Mariani.

    Randy Moss on the other hand has a boatload of talent. Unfortunately the Titans have not used it. The Titans have said the extremely talented Kenny Britt and Moss cannot be on the field at the same time because they play on the same side of the field and neither can play the other side. This seems to me to be utterly ridiculous, why in the earth would you pick up such an expensive player if he is not going to play.

    He needs to go if he isn't going to play the Titans should not overpay to extend his contract.

Bo Scaife

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    The writing on the wall for the Vince Young's old college teammate. After hinting that the locker room may be divided between Vince Young and Jeff Fisher, he was put on the inactive list for a Week 15 game against the Texans.

    Besides the turmoil he has caused, he has never been all that good. He has had problems with drops his whole career and has only had more than 500 yards and two touchdowns once and the Titans use a system that is heavily reliant on tight ends.

    With a lack of production and a disagreement with the coach Bo should be let go ASAP.