Tony Romo: To Play or Not to Play? That Is the Question

Matt BercotContributor IDecember 17, 2010

Should Romo try and play in Week 17?
Should Romo try and play in Week 17?Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

When Tony Romo took a direct hit from Michael Boley the night of Monday, October 25th, 2010, his left collarbone was broken.

Once the news broke, most people thought Romo was done for the season.

There has been talk recently that Romo might come back and play if he is healthy. Some find this to be a good idea, while others think it isn’t. 

On one hand, Romo coming back, only if he is 100 percent healthy, could be good for him. It might not be the best thing for the team as a whole, but it would give him a chance to shake off some rust.

Not only that, but there also wouldn’t be a cloud hanging over his head all offseason as to whether or not he can bounce back. His first game back will already be out of the way.

On the other hand, one could argue Romo should not take any snaps in a live game for the rest of this season.

First of all, he is still sore, and it’s Week 15. Sure, he is throwing the ball now, but he can’t even sleep on his left side without feeling pain. How is he going to hold up when giant linebackers are bringing him down?

Second, and what almost makes this a moot point, is that if he did come back, it probably wouldn’t be until Week 17. He will not play this Sunday, obviously, and he isn’t close enough to 100 percent to play six days later at Arizona. That leaves Week 17 at Philadelphia.

If he is 100 percent healthy, sure, he could go out there and see what he can do. Then again, there is a decent chance the Eagles could be playing for something in Week 17 and will be going all out.

If Romo takes one wrong hit, it could set him back a lot.

While Romo could come back and possibly play the final game of the season, the risk isn’t worth it. Let him continue to heal, continue to throw and continue to get ready for next season.

The Cowboys aren’t going anywhere after January 2nd, so risking their franchise QB for one meaningless game probably isn’t a good idea.

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