T.O. Or Randy Moss: Who Is The Best Head Case, Diva Wide Receiver in the NFL?

Lance MorrisonCorrespondent IJanuary 9, 2017

T.O. Or Randy Moss: Who Is The Best Head Case, Diva Wide Receiver in the NFL?

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    Terrell Owens and Randy Moss are in the top 10 all-time in Receptions, Receiving Yards, Receiving Touch Downs, Receiving Yards Per Game. They are tied for second all-time in Receiving Touch Downs at 153 as of December 12th 2010.

    The NFL network compiled a list of the 100 Greatest Players to play in the NFL. Randy Moss was number 65, Owens was not on the list. He's second all-time in Receiving Yards and Receiving Touch Downs and he wasn't on the list.

    This major snub leads one to ask, what is the criteria for greatness?  Is it what a player does on the field? Is it a combination of what a player does on the field and off the field? Or is it whether or not the sports writers and "experts" like a player that makes him great?

    This was not the 100 Greatest teammates award, was it? I hesitate to write those words in the same article in which Owens is mentioned. Randy Moss has not been a model citizen either, but he's on the list.

    The following is five reasons why Terrell Owens is a better player than Randy Moss.

The Terrell Owens Work Ethic

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    Terrell Owens' work ethic has a lineage. A pedigree bequeathed by the late great Walter Payton and passed to Owens by the greatest ever at their craft, Jerry Rice,

    One day Jerry Rice saw "Sweetness'" summer workout regime on TV and got in touch with Payton. The next summer Rice went to Illinois to workout with the man who retired as the NFL's rushing leader.

    In 1996 Owens was drafted by the 49ers and got to spend five years honing his craft along side the player who was number one on the NFL's Greatest Player list.

    Moss once left a game and went to the locker room with time still on the clock. When he was asked about the monumental "dissing" of his coaches, his teammates and the game of football he replied, "I play when I want to," and that's precisely what he does.

    If Moss is not going to get the ball he doesn't run or play hard. If he did, it might help his teammates get open on subsequent plays or spring a back for big yardage. Notice that New England is running the ball much better since they sent Moss packing.

    Say what you will about Owens' off the field histrionics, he was always in shape ready to play as hard as he can on every down, of every game. In fact, he actually works his body harder than he works his mouth.

    Now that's saying something.

Terrell Owens Is More Physical

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    Throughout Owens' career, he has used his size and strength to spring backs for a long run, pick defenders so his teammates get open, break tackles and finish runs.

    His physicality sets him apart from wide outs who can't do the other tasks a receiver must do to help his team when the play is not to him.

    Randy Moss can go deep, outside the numbers.  That's it!

Terrell Owens Is a Tough Runner

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    Jared Wickerham/Getty Images

    At 37, T.O. is still a threat to score from anywhere on the field as evidenced by his 78-yard touchdown this year and 98-yard touchdown last year. Once again his size, strength, speed, physical conditioning and will to excel makes Terrell Owens the most devastating runner after the catch since Jerry Rice.

    The difference between Rice and Owens was that Rice had his best Y.A.C. (Yards After the Catch) when receiving passes from Joe Montana, maybe the most accurate passer of all time.

    The way to measure Montana's accuracy was by the Y.A.C.. Rice caught the ball in stride and got Y.A.C. by simply running away from defenders.

    Owens has had to leap for, dive for and wait for passes to get his Y.A.C.. In the NFL if a receiver doesn't catch the ball cleanly, in stride, defenders close quickly. Owens got a lot of his Y.A.C. by breaking tackles and generally being difficult to bring down.

    Randy Moss can go deep, outside the numbers, that's all.

Terrell Owens Catches Passes Over the Middle in Traffic

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    Chris Trotman/Getty Images

    Big plays down field and outside the numbers make the game fun and exciting to watch, but sometimes it's just about moving the chains. Terrell Owens has made a living getting the tough yards over the middle.

    Owens size creates match difficulties for most defensive backs on slants and crossing patterns. Owens is able to position his body in a way that seals defensive backs away from the ball.

    The receiver that runs these types of inside routes must be prepared to take hits from linebackers. T.O. is often able to take the big hit and bounce off for extra yardage.

    Randy Moss can go deep, outside the numbers.  That's all.

Terrell Owens Better Route Runner

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    Randy Moss reminds me of the fast kid we played with in the street. No matter what the quarterback told anyone else to do, he told that kid to...GO DEEP!

    Owens is both a possession receiver who can beat defenses by running precision routes, using the whole field. He can also beat defenses deep with his speed. His versatility and all around play make Owens a more valuable weapon over the life of his career than is Moss.

    To give Moss his due, he is the most electrifying deep threat the league has ever known. It took Moss only 13 years to compile the numbers he put up that are so similar Owens' number through 14 and a half seasons.

    Remember, T.O. was suspend for half a season because it was the only way Andy Reid could get him to shut up.

    Greatness is not one dimensional. A great player should understand, embrace and work to excel at all aspects of their position. Otherwise, he's great at his "role" but it ends there. Moss excels with the right quarterback, who can get the ball deep.

    Tom Brady could make Kathy Bates a star wide out.

    Because no one can stand Owens for more than a year or two, he has played with different quarterbacks in different systems and put up numbers every where he's been. Owens IS one of the best wide receivers in the history of the game, certainly one of the 100 Greatest Players and better than Moss in all aspect save on.

    Did I mention that Moss can go deep outside the numbers...that's all